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Cufflinks Are Back In Fashion

Smarten Up Your Look By Fastening Up

If you feel that your look has become too casual, then it’s time to experiment with cufflinks to keep you looking sharp and stylish.

Most men will admit to having rather a limited cufflink collection. Perhaps a formal pair that they wear to boardroom meetings or as a wedding guest. And another couple of jokey pairs that they’ve received as stocking fillers or as a thoughtful Father’s Day gift from their kids. But unlike generations past, where gentlemen took pride in looking smart as often as possible, modern men haven’t been so keen to commit to decorating their sleeves with cufflinks. However, things are set to change, and cufflinks are back!

The Demise Of The Tie

One reason that cufflinks are fashionable once again is because the tie has faded significantly in popularity. Seen as uncomfortable, and unnecessary, only a third of British office workers are thought to wear a tie to work these days. In corporate culture, the introduction of dress-down Fridays has shown management that employees are perfectly capable of doing their work looking less formal, and staple attire such as the tie has been dismissed. However, since ditching this garment, many men are looking for a way to look polished and sharp whilst comfortable and that’s where heads have been turning towards cufflinks.

Impress With Cufflinks

If you’re looking to dazzle, then along with a smart watch, you can’t go wrong by accessorising with a luxury pair of Deakin & Francis cufflinks. Whether you need to impress a potential employer at an interview, or want to come across as being suave and sophisticated to a romantic love interest, it’s all in the details. And cufflinks are a stunning detail which can really help your personality to shine.

With such a range of cufflinks on the market, there’s a pair for every individual and every occasion. You might opt for something that combines well with your favourite tie, or else perhaps pick a more luxurious pair with a special gem that catches everyone’s eye as you sit across from them. Like many types of fashion collections such as shoes, watches or other types of jewellery, there’s really no limit to the number of cufflinks you can own. You may find that you’re quickly hooked once you start paying attention to this striking accessory.

Wearing Cufflinks Well

Of course, your cufflinks are only going to work for you, if you wear them properly. The first step is to assess whether your shirt actually requires cufflinks. If the cuffs are either doubles, or don’t have buttons on them, then there is no need for cufflinks in this case. If you’re disappointed with this, then you can always select a different shirt. However, French cuffs are synonymous with more formal dress shirts, and as they’re designed to be folded back on themselves, cufflinks are needed to fasten them into place.

At a black tie event, it’s usually a good idea to stick to classic colours, rather than anything too extraordinary. You can inject a little more personality into your design choice at a function such as a wedding or a night out at the casino, by experimenting with varying shapes and shades.

The great thing about cufflinks is that if you’re just getting to know this fashion accessory, then you don’t need to have a huge budget to play around a bit and find a style that works for you. Although there are extremely high-end cufflinks available that run into the thousands, you can also pick up a stylish pair from many high-street chains or independent jewellers for under £100. So, if you’re looking for a simple way to smarten up your look, then why not have a browse?


The Best Children’s Christmas Parties

Get in the festive spirit with Marky Mark Entertainment

Great music, exciting music, and some festive treats are all the ingredients you need to throw a fantastic children’s Christmas party

Christmas is all about the parties, but if you’ve been roped in to arranging a children’s Christmas party, you may be feeling the strain. Children’s parties have moved on a lot in recent years and expectations are a lot higher – at the very least your guests will expect there to be some organised games and entertainment.

If you’re looking for a festive children’s entertainer in Kent or the surrounding areas look no further than Marky Mark Entertainment.

Discos with a difference

With many years of experience as a professional party DJ, including DJing at successful kids’ club nights, Marky Mark specialises in children’s discos. But these are not your ordinary, bog-standard discos with cheesy tunes and a few flashing lights.

When it comes to what’s hot and what’s not, Marky Mark has his finger firmly on the musical pulse. As well as playing the latest tunes that are firm favourites in the playground, Marky Mark will also play a classic mix of party tunes and choreographed dances (think Gangnam Style and The Macarena), as well as throwing in some Christmas songs to get your party-goers in the festive spirit.

And if that’s not exciting enough, you could liven things up with one of Marky Mark’s Glow in the Dark parties. Hugely popular with the over-nines, these discos with a difference combine a traditional disco experience with neon paints and UV lights to help your guests get their glow on. You could even up the fun factor with extras such as a bubble machine, dry ice, or a very seasonal snow machine.

Party games

The music may be great but you need a little more than just a good disco if you want to keep the energy up and your guests entertained. Luckily, Marky Mark is also able to deliver in this area. Little party guests can enjoy a whole host of fun activities, including magic shows, balloon modelling and puppet shows. Meanwhile older children are catered for with exciting party games, including boy vs girl competitions, disco dance championships, the mummy game, limbo, and lip sync battles. They can also exercise their vocal chords with karaoke and Marky Mark’s very own version of the X Factor.

And don’t think about sneaking off while the games are going on, as adults are most definitely encouraged to join in the fun.

Festive treats

When you’re organising your Christmas-themed children’s party, don’t forget to include those festive treats that will make your event extra special. Marky Mark Entertainment has all those little extra touches covered, from face painting and popcorn to candyfloss and custom sweet cones. As it’s Christmas you could even ask Mark if he’s able to arrange a visit from Santa Claus himself – a special touch that is sure to delight your young guests.

Organising a children’s party needn’t be difficult, and hiring in professional entertainment can really help to take the stress off. As well as offering a comprehensive children’s entertainment service, Mark and his employees are all DBS checked and fully insured so you can be sure that your party, and your little ones, are in safe hands.

How Van Graphics Will Help You Beat the Competition

5 great reasons to brand
your company vehicles

With branded vehicle wraps
you can turn your company vehicle from something that’s purely functional into
one of your most powerful marketing tools.

Many business owners view their
company vehicles as purely functional, something that gets them and their
workers from A to B. However, by applying branded graphic wraps to your company
vehicles, you can turn them into powerful marketing tools that will help your
brand to stand out from the competition.


Branding your company vehicles is a
really effective way of boosting your company’s visibility and increasing your
reach. Unlike some other forms of advertising, your branded vans are not
restricted to just one location, and the mobile nature of this marketing tool
means that you could potentially reach audiences who would otherwise have never
heard of your business. Research has shown that branded vans receive up to
60,000 impressions every day, and if just a tiny proportion of these turn into
paying customers, your business will be well on the way to success.


Effective marketing is all about
standing out from the crowd and making an impact, and well-designed branded van graphics can certainly help
you to do that. There are millions of vehicles on UK roads every day and it’s
easy to get lost amongst the crowd. However, unlike a plain white van, a
colourful, striking vehicle wrap will help you to grab people’s attention and
stand out from other road users. For maximum impact, opt for a bold yet simple
design that can be easily understood, even when you’re moving at speed.


Branding your company vehicle also
offers a great opportunity to establish your credibility as a business. When
designing their vehicle wraps, many traders include the logos of the
professional bodies they are affiliated with, such as Gas Safe, Trust a Trader,
NICIEC, and the Federation of Master Builders, to name a few. By prominently
displaying your professional affiliations, potential customers will view you as
a company that they can trust, making them more likely to choose you over one
of your competitors.


More traditional forms of
advertising often come with restrictions – from print sizes and formats to
television ad timings and billboard placement – and these can impact on how,
where and when you communicate your key messages. This can be frustrating as it
often means that your marketing is not as effective as you would like it to be.
In contrast, fleet vehicle branding gives you almost complete control over your
marketing, and you are free to exercise your creativity to produce a branded
vehicle that has the greatest possible impact.


One of the great things about fleet
vehicle graphics, from a business owner’s point of view, is that they offer a
fantastic return on investment. Vehicle wraps are relatively inexpensive to
apply and, by turning your vans into permanent moving billboards, they can
offer your brand increased visibility all day every day. When done well,
vehicle wraps can last for years, and with experts claiming that vehicle
branding is more effective
than any other form of advertising at increasing brand recognition, it
certainly seems like a sound investment.

Fleet vehicle
branding is a really effective promotional tool, particularly for smaller
businesses with a limited marketing budget. So what are you waiting for? Get
branded vehicle graphics and take your business to the next level.

How Independent Mortgage Brokers Get You the Best Deal

Buyers Cashing in On Specialist Advice

Last year, independent mortgage brokers
saw a 23 percent increase in revenue as more buyers chose to seek specialist
support in finding the best deal.

Through all
the financial turmoil of the past decade, the UK’s housing market has remained
largely healthy. In part that is down to the fact that whatever happens in the
world, people will always need places to live. However, it also proves the old
adage that there is no safer investment than in bricks and mortar, as more
people than ever have decided to become private landlords and dip a toe into
the buy to let market.

This is
particularly true in the thriving commuter belt locations around the south east.
But speak to any mortgage broker
in Chelmsford
and you will be told that the way people buy houses
today is quite different to the situation prior to the 2008 financial crisis.

Everyone wants the best deal

On the face
of it, it sounds obvious. A mortgage is one of the biggest financial
commitments you are ever likely to make, so it is natural that you will want to
shop around and evaluate all the options before signing on the dotted line. So
what has changed?

It is not so
much down to the attitudes of borrowers as it is of lenders. Back in 2005, you
could walk into whichever high street bank you use for your current account,
spend 20 minutes with a mortgage advisor and come away with what is probably
the best deal in town. Whether you went into Barclays, Lloyds or Santander
would have made very little difference.

Of course,
this was back in the days of higher interest rates and easy credit. The 2008
crisis might seem like a distant memory, but the financial services sector is
still living through its effects. Suddenly, if you walk into three high street
banks, you will be offered three very different deals. Make your fourth port of
call an independent mortgage broker, and you will see all three again, plus
several more options. Suddenly, the increased use of brokers seems far more

More complex borrower needs

In reality,
it is not just the financial service sector that is still bearing the scars of the
credit crunch
. Even the best of us suddenly found that those credit
and store cards came back to haunt us, and just like reputation in the world of
commerce, a credit score is something that can be damaged in an instant, but
takes years to fully recover.

Those who
were not caught out and came through the hard times with their savings intact
still faced challenges as to how to put those savings to good use. These were
the ones who were most likely to turn to the buy to let market.

What both
categories have in common is that their mortgage needs are not straightforward.
Specialist and complex mortgages, whether they are for people with poor credit
or those looking to buy to let, are the domain of the specialist brokers.

The economy might be on the up, but with global
trade tensions and Brexit getting ever closer, who knows what’s around the
corner? One thing is certain – whatever the financial landscape, and whether
your own fortunes are good, bad or indifferent, to get the best financial deal
on property, it pays to talk to an independent expert.

How One Company Made Corporate Team Building Fun!

What Team Building
Events Look Like In 2018

A brief history of team building and
how it has influenced Zing Events in helping organisations get the most out of
their workforce.

team building may seem like a recent business strategy, but actually it dates
back to the 1920s when organisational theorist, Elton Mayo conducted a series
of experiments known as the Hawthorne
. This research put employee behaviour under the spotlight
and concluded the following were necessary for a team to work effectively:

  • the
    group must take pride in their accomplishments, and be motivated by leaders who
    are engaged in their daily tasks
  • a
    sense of confidence should be fostered
  • management
    must demonstrate interest in each of the employees as individuals
  • performance
    reviews to be undertaken to help the workforce meet their goals

These points
formed the basis of what contemporary HR departments now look for when they’re
putting together a strong team to assist a company in meeting its objectives.

Changing the Face of Corporate Team

But unfortunately,
in the past corporate team building has suffered somewhat from a reputation of
being stuffy and overly formal. Like most business practices though, it has
taken some time to evolve – but now one company, Zing Events, has transformed
the nature and success of team building activities. By creating a series of fun
team building ideas
, workers are fully committed to enjoying their
day out of the office – which allows employers to get the most out of this as a
strategy. Here are some of the most popular events that the company can host
for your organisation.

Crystal Challenge

version of the show is your favourite, most of us have always held a secret
desire to perform on the Crystal Maze. And now you can! Teams compete head to
head in up to 12 different events, to win crystals. These then translate into
the amount of time you can spend in the final stage Crystal Dome.

It’s A Knockout

inspired by a famous gameshow, this challenge sees teams of colleagues dressed
up in costumes, doing bungee runs and hurling water-filled sponges at each
other, all in the name of fun! It’s an excellent event for breaking down
barriers between managers and their employees, and helps to develop a rapport
between teammates who don’t know each other so well.

The Trading Floor

challenge has a definite theatrical element to it, that will sweep you up and
give you a great insight into working with stocks and shares. Each team member
will be assigned a financial role such as Investment Analyst, Floor Trader,
Media Trader or Finance Manager. The adrenaline-filled challenges happen live
on the trading floor, which is surrounded by giant screens displaying the highs
and lows of the market. The winning team will be those that work well under
pressure and that have amassed the most fortune at the end of the event!

Crime Scene Investigation

nothing that helps a team bond better than a murder crime! This forensic
challenge allows your employees to flex their problem-solving muscles to
determine how the murder occurred and what the person’s motive was. They’ll
learn about blood spatter analysis, taking fingerprints, DNA clues and
ballistic examination.

This is just
a small selection of popular activities that Zing Events offers organisations.
There’s a wide range of events that can be held indoors or outdoors depending
on the weather and the size of your venue. The packages can be customised based
on the size of your organisation and what you’d like to get out of the event.
Get in touch with Zing Events today to boost morale and overhaul productivity
in your organisation.

5 Ways to Get Instant Traffic to Your Website

Fast, Effective Hacks
That Will Boost Traffic Almost Instantly

Traffic on a website is like footfalls
in a business and is a key measure of success. Here are five simple ways to get
more people through the door.

Whether you
are a hobbyist blogger, a burgeoning new business or a multinational
corporation, there is one aspiration that you are sure to have for your
website, and that is to increase traffic. For businesses, more traffic is the
first step towards more conversions and increased sales. But for anyone who
wants their site to succeed, boosting traffic is key to improving SEO and
featuring higher on the search results pages.

There are
plenty of ways to do so, and the trick is adopting a blended approach that will
make the different strategies work together. Let’s take a look at five
approaches that will generate fast results.

Speculate to accumulate with PPC

When a site
is starting from scratch, any organic SEO strategies will inevitably take time.
Paying for traffic using a tool like AdWords is the perfect way to give
everything a kick start. It is also fraught with risk for the unwary, so it is
essential to get some expert support from a company like this PPC agency Essex. That way, you will stand the best
chance of directing your strategy – and your money – in the most effective

Use social media

leverage the power of Facebook. With well over two billion members worldwide,
there is no platform that wields such power, influence and outreach. Create a
Facebook page, share your content and reach out to influencers in your niche.
Also join relevant Facebook groups and share your content there, as you will
have direct access to a far wider audience.

Create useful content

Of course,
the social media approach will only be effective if you have something to share
that people want to engage with. Creating valuable content means putting
yourself in the shoes of your readers and understanding what it is that
interests them, what questions they want answered and why your site is
something they need in their lives. Produce unique, engaging content, either in
the form of blog posts or videos that addresses these topics and answers these
questions. Content creation needs to be an ongoing process – look to schedule
something new at least every two weeks.

Focus on UX

people through your virtual door is one thing. Persuading them to hang around,
come again and send their friends along is another. Look at your web design
from the user’s perspective. Do pages load quickly, are the menus easy to
navigate, is it mobile-friendly and do calls to action compel you to read on?
If the answer to any of the above is “no,” you need to sit down with a web
designer and have a rethink, or you will always struggle to improve traffic.

Optimise and enhance

important of all is to remember that none of these measures are “set it and
forget it” tasks. Constantly monitor your traffic, keep track of which pages
perform better, and that way you can do more of what works and less of what

Take Your Family And Pets Abroad For Winter

Get Relief From Your
Seasonal Affective Disorder Symptoms

Need to see some sunshine this
winter, but worried a long vacation abroad is too much upheaval for your pets?
Find out how easy it is to take them with you.

1 in 5 Brits
experiences Seasonal
Affective Disorder
, also known as SAD. This condition is known to
begin in early autumn, causing a lack of energy, disruption of sleep patterns
and a change in appetite. It gets progressively worse during the coldest,
darkest months of the year – usually in the New Year, but then symptoms can
disappear completely over the spring and summer seasons. One solution to
dealing with SAD is to move abroad to a warmer climate during the winter, then
return for the summer – an arrangement known as mouseholing
between home and abroad. Those with pets can simply take them along as part of
the family. Read on for advice on how to do so.


Cats and
dogs are perhaps the easiest pets to transport abroad, although it may be
possible to take other animals such as rabbits and rodents with you as well.
Always check the regulations of the destination you’re travelling to, so that
you can be sure of the specific requirements.

In most
cases, you will need to begin by visiting your vet so that they can carry out a
health check of your pet, and administer any necessary vaccinations. These will
then be recorded in your pet’s passport. Your dog or cat will also need to have
an ISO 11784 compliant, 15-digit pet microchip, so that it can easily be

Travelling Abroad

If you’re
planning on mouseholing to Europe for the winter, then you have a number of
options for your pet travel. Your dog or cat can travel with you by car, ferry
or Eurotunnel which means that you’ll be able to stay together with your furry
friend, eliminating any distress. Many owners find it’s a good idea to make
sure that their pet has had a decent stretch of their legs before the journey
so that they don’t have too much energy built-up before the trip.

Of course,
if you’re travelling further afield or just prefer to fly by plane due to the
convenience, then it’s also possible to have your pet take a flight to your
destination instead. You can fly on the same plane, but it’s important to note
that your pet won’t be allowed in the cabin, they’ll be safely housed below in
a container in the hold area of the aircraft.

Returning To The UK

When you
know that you’ll be coming back to the UK within a few months, it’s important
to make sure that everything is in place so that your pet can return easily
without needing to be in quarantine. Those pets who don’t follow the stringent
government pet
rules, will be required to stay in quarantine for up to 4
months. To avoid this lengthy residency, your pet will need a rabies injection,
a pet passport or ‘third-country official vet’s certificate’, a microchip and
usually proof of tapeworm treatment. It’s also imperative that your pet arrives
back in the UK no more than 5 days before or after your own journey.  

Pet travel
is so much easier than it used to be thanks to the introduction of the pet
passport system – no longer do you need to feel confined to the UK if you can’t
afford lengthy boarding facilities. So, if you can’t bear the thought of
another winter dealing with your SAD symptoms, then why not move your family
and pets abroad until the sun shines once more upon the UK?

Raise Cash for Christmas

Turning your unwanted items into money
for your seasonal spending

Christmas can be an expensive time of
year, so planning ahead is always worthwhile so as to build a handy fund ready
for your seasonal spending rather than plundering your bank account or putting
it on credit cards or loans. There are various ways to raise some cash ready
for the festive season, and the sooner you start the more even modest amounts
will mount up.

Save, sell and earn

These are the three basic ways of
generating some money. Here are some ideas:


You may well have equipment and other
items sitting around gathering dust that you no longer use, so why not turn
them into cash?

Perhaps that coffee making machine
that seemed a good idea at the time, but you never seem to use could go? Maybe
there’s some clothes cluttering the wardrobe you never wear that might make

You might have some old tech equipment
you’ve never got around to disposing of? Old mobile phones and tablets can be
converted into cash on sites like Gumtree or from specialist companies who buy
mobiles for cash.

How about older camera equipment you
no longer have much call for? You may have some very capable but seldom used
film camera equipment sitting doing nothing.

You may even have older digital
equipment you’ve replaced with a newer model, or perhaps find your digital
camera gets left behind more often than not because the camera on your
smartphone does the job of taking photos so well? Specialist buyers of
photographic equipment can answer the ‘how to sell my
?’ question, and
the process is likely quicker and easier than selling on eBay or similar.

Be ruthless

When deciding what you could sell be
ruthless as you search through cupboards, drawers, the garage and loft; instead
of gathering dust your old gear could be gathering cash for you.

For example, with clothing a good way
to decide what to get rid of is to ask yourself if you’ve worn a given item in
the last six months (aside from maybe a very special dress or suit). If not, put
it to one side ready for sale.

Selling options

Ebay is the obvious choice for selling
your old stuff but check that selling and postage costs don’t eat into your
profits. Free alternatives include sites like Gumtree or Facebook marketplace.

Save money

Saving money is another way of
generating cash for Christmas. While perhaps cutting down on everyday expenses
such as visits to the coffee shop is one way to save, there’s no need to do
without little treats completely. Perhaps restrict yourself to one shop bought
coffee per day if you’re inclined to have more than one and resolve to put the
saved money to one side.

Bills and expenses – if you haven’t assessed your everyday bills lately, then
a session checking you’re not paying too much for your energy, mobile phone,
broadband and maybe car and household insurance is worthwhile.

By following
advice from known money saving experts
and checking that your current suppliers are still
competitive you could make some very useful savings. Why not channel the money
you save into your Christmas fund?

While you’re at it check out cash back
sites if you haven’t already; here you can get money back on many purchases
you’d have made anyway. This could be especially useful if you do decide to
switch supplier when you’ve checked your utility bills as above; for some you
can buy their service through a cash back site.

Earn money

There are umpteen ways to earn a
little extra online but be careful and check options out carefully. Some online
‘opportunities’ can at best take forever to earn even a few pounds from while
others are seeking to part you from some of your money in sign up fees and so
forth – the very opposite of what you’re trying to achieve.

Some online activities such as taking
, mystery shopping
or using
certain smartphone apps

may not make you big money but can add a little extra to your Christmas pot
whilst combining them with other activities. For example, completing a simple
online survey can be done while watching the television or on a train journey

Another obvious way to earn is to
either take on some extra work or maybe do a little overtime if the possibility
exists. Do guard against overdoing it though; you wouldn’t want to spend every
waking hour working, but maybe a few extra hours is feasible and if you’re
strict about putting this extra money into your festive fund it’ll soon add up.

Give up

Not so much the idea of saving for Christmas
but quitting expensive habits where possible. Smoking is an obvious one and if
you can kick the evil weed into touch the money you save could possibly pay for
your Christmas on its own such is the expense of smoking.

If you can’t quit completely then
turning to vaping is worth a go; you’ll save drastically compared to the cost
of smoking, and it’s certainly a step in the right direction from a health
point of view.

method – or combination of methods – you adopt you’ll enjoy the festive season
all the more knowing you prepared for it financially rather than worrying about
the expense.

5 Reasons To Keep Your iPhone 6 Plus

Why it’s worth hanging onto your iPhone 6 Plus or buying
one used as Apple’s 2014 phablet still has a lot to offer if you don’t need the
latest in mobile tech.

Apple’s original phablet still has
plenty to offer so why change?

The iPhone 6 Plus with its 5.5 inch
screen was a significant release when it appeared back in September 2014. It
marked Apple’s first foray into the ‘phablet’ phone at a time when many
couldn’t imagine Apple going beyond the more compact smartphones they’d
released up to that point.

Since then, four new versions have
appeared in successive years with another on the way later in 2018, but your
trusty 6 Plus is still worth hanging onto as is buying one used if a good value
large screen phone appeals.

So why keep your 6 Plus?

Here are five reasons:

1. Cost of replacement

Inevitably, buying a replacement phone
will cost whether you opt to buy a new one outright or go down the contract
route with a subsidised handset.

While some people will always want to
have the latest model, the canny buyer waits until new releases genuinely offer
new features and facilities worth splashing out for. Even then it’s possible to
save money in that buying a model one or two releases behind the latest version
will offer both big savings and new features if coming from a markedly older

A good example (if you don’t already
own one of course) is buying a refurbished
iPhone 6 Plus
you’d like a larger screen and aren’t too concerned about other, newer
features. Your wallet will thank you in that they’re currently available for
under £180 so making a huge saving on a new version, or even a used example of
a newer release such as an iPhone 7 or 8 Plus.

2. Backward compatible with software

A key benefit of the Apple mobile
environment is the way the company deals with updates and new versions of its
iOS operating system.

When updates or new versions of iOS
are available, users of compatible phones are notified via their handset
immediately and can download the new software. The company make their updates
backward compatible with many older iPhones: at present, the latest iOS release
is compatible with handsets dating back as far as 2013 so including the models
released a year before the 6 and 6 Plus.

3. Cheap running costs

Sticking with an older phone or buying
one means you can avoid expensive contracts involving subsidised phones and pay
for just what you need from your tariff.

Some people pay for more data and
minutes than they’ll ever use just to increase the subsidy on an expensive
phone. If you already own a 6 Plus or buy a used one, then you can select a SIM
only deal that suits your needs and so offer much better value for money.

4. Accessories still compatible with
your handset

One annoyance sometimes when upgrading
a phone is having to buy cases, chargers and other items all over again to fit
the new model you now own.

Sticking with a handset that’s giving
you faithful service means you won’t be spending money on accessories apart
from the odd replacement. Such is the mobile aftermarket you won’t need to
worry about these items becoming unavailable as time passes; you’ll be able to
buy a case for your 6 Plus for a while yet.

5. Built to last so why change?

Apple’s build quality is legendary
throughout its product range, and the iPhone is no exception, so a well looked
after 6 Plus looks good and performs well.

It still offers modern technology, and
such is the way Apple engineer their products – for example a screen that,
while not a pace setter in terms of spec, works very well thanks to its high
standard of construction – you don’t feel you’re using an obviously older

The 6 Plus has a decent camera, a
fingerprint sensor for quick and easy unlocking of the phone and some apps,
good battery life thanks to a larger battery than in the standard size iPhone
6, and a bright and very detailed display.

New releases not always offering big

Also, while the 6 Plus has been
replaced every year since its launch as mentioned earlier, not all versions
have represented a huge leap over the 6. Phone makers often routinely change
handsets annually and it’s not always the case that huge leaps forward are made
with each release.

Your phone is up to date if it meets
your needs

Even those immersed in new equipment
such as tech reviewers would
say the 6 Plus from 2014 has a lot to offer
. While tech manufacturers will change their ranges
frequently, you’re not going out of date if your handset or other tech
equipment continues to meet your requirements.

Avoiding Downtime with a Business Refurbishment

in The Professionals for Your Painting Job

your business premises needs decorating, save on any downtime by calling
Spectrum Painters.

business owners will find themselves in this position at some point. Your
business premises is looking a little tired and dated, and redecoration is
something that you need to invest in. However, any kind of office refurbishment
means that the day to day running or your business could be affected. If you’re
thinking about tackling some of the work yourself, then wait. By hiring a
professional team of decorators, you could avoid expensive downtime and have
your business space looking like new in no time at all.

experienced team

booking with Spectrum Painters, you’ll be able to secure the services of the
best commercial painters and decorators Suffolk
has to offer. They have a huge variety of experience in the industry, and have worked
on both big and small projects. So whether you are a small store needing a
fresh lick of paint or you have a few offices you want to fully refurbish,
they’ll have the right team for the job.


it’s big or small, any kind of painting job has the potential to disrupt the
normal rhythm of a business. It may mean that you have to close a shop to
customers or your office team can’t come in, so a day is wasted. At Spectrum
Painters, they understand that you’ll want to keep disruption to a minimum.
They are really flexible with times, and will be able to come to an arrangement
that suits your opening hours.

be free to run your business

goes without saying that if you were to try and tackle a painting job yourself,
your full attention wouldn’t be on the running of your business. So by letting
someone else take care of it, you’ll be able to dedicate yourself to the jobs
that matter. Your decorators will always consult you and keep you updated
throughout the project, but will tackle all of the messy, difficult jobs so you
don’t have to.

and safety

and safety is so important in the workplace, and if you aren’t a trained
painter and decorator you might not be as familiar with all the different rules
and regulations. So if something were to go wrong with you at the helm of a
painting job, it could have serious repercussions. The skilled professionals at
Spectrum Painters have undergone extensive health and safety training, and will
carry out their work in full compliance with current guidelines.

hire local

always better to hire a local firm to take care of your painting job. Spectrum
Painters have been based in Ipswich for some time, and have built up a great reputation
with local businesses. By hiring a local painting and decorating company,
you’ll be able to count on them reaching you in a timely manner every day. They
will have a passion for helping other local businesses to succeed and look
great too – and that’s something you can’t put a price on.

Start the transformation today

As you can see, it’s much better to call in the professionals in order to keep disruption to a minimum. Not only will the job be completed more quickly, but it will be finished to an incredibly high standard too. So if your work space needs a few coats of paint, get in touch with Spectrum Painters today.

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