Demonstrate Excellence With ACS Credentials

Join the ACS scheme to enjoy increased business opportunities and higher levels of efficiency for your security firm.

If your business operates within the private security industry, then you’ll have noticed how many competitors you need to stand out from. One of the best ways to appeal to new customers is to demonstrate the level of professionalism that your company can offer, in comparison to the more unscrupulous organisations in the security market. SIA ACS accreditation is the leading contractor scheme for security professionals which will prove excellence to your current and potential customers.

Why should your firm become SIA approved?

SIA ACS, or the Security Industry Authority Approved Contractor Scheme is a set of principles which security companies can adopt as part of their ongoing business model. Organisations which adhere to these strict standards prove their high level of competency in security practices along with a commitment to efficiency within your internal operations.

Although the scheme is entirely voluntary, many potential clients regularly seek SIA ACS as a mandatory requirement before hiring a security firm. By already being able to display your SIA accreditation, you will strengthen your position in the market and ultimately gain more prospective enquiries.

Is your security firm eligible?

Before being considered for SIA ACS status, your company will need to prove that it is a ‘fit and proper organisation’ and that your company directors are ‘fit and proper persons’. Further, your business must have been delivering security services for a minimum of 12 months and have at least two PAYE staff on the books.

Before beginning the ACS process, each of your directors must have been awarded with an SIA license. Additionally, each of your security staff must hold a licence which is applicable for the specific tasks they are responsible for. These licences should be checked on a monthly basis, alongside formal documentation.

What is involved in the SIA ACS process?

Security firms must begin the process by filling out an application form, along with enough details to enable the SIA to perform their due diligence checks. This will include documentation related to insurance and company registration, along with the relevant licences. Applicants will also have been invited to complete a self assessment workbook, ticking off various sections once the company has adapted their processes to match the high standards of the scheme.

How does the assessment stage work?

An independent assessor, who is SIA approved will visit the security premises and carry out a thorough assessment of the organisation to be matched against the standards set out in the ACS protocol. Staff and customers will be spoken to as part of the assessment to provide a well-rounded picture of the security firm and ensure full compliance.

To assist you with your application and provide a greater chance of receiving your SIA ACS accreditation, consultancy specialists are available to guide you right up to the point of approval. With a strong quality control focus, ACS is similar to ISO 9001 so it may be possible to attain both accreditations together.

If your organisation is interested in receiving increased business opportunities and wants to gain a competitive advantage over market rivals then SIA ACS is just the accreditation you’re looking for.