Prepare your caravan for the new season as we say goodbye to winter

As winter draws to an end, it’s time to give your caravan some TLC and get it ready for the new season. While a big spring clean is obviously essential we have a few more tips to get your caravan looking its best. Many of these are also good things to check if you’re looking at static caravans for sale as it can help you figure out which have been well looked after…

Check the exterior for weather damage

Give the outside of your caravan a thorough check to see if it has taken any damage due to winter storms and cold weather. You want to ensure that windows, skylights, seams, guttering, tiles and ariels are still intact and watertight. Check the panels for dents, cracks and holes.

Put the heating on

Even if you’re lucky with the weather and it feels warm enough, it’s best practice to get the heating on for a few hours to check everything is in working order.

Look for water damage or mould

Areas of mould and damp are common in static caravans, especially if they have been shut up for the winter with no ventilation. It’s always a good idea to open the windows and allow your static caravan to “breathe” after you’ve spent some time away from it.

Check the areas where moisture occurs like bathrooms, around windows and doors and on the ceiling. If you do find any damp or mould then use a strong mould-removing cleaning product to get rid of it. Using a dehumidifier for a few hours will help draw moisture from the air and from places it is hard to detect, like soft furnishings.

Assess the safety equipment

You should check the batteries in your smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector as regularly as possible, but it’s helpful to use the new season as a prompt to remind you.

Take a look at other safety equipment, such as fire blankets and fire extinguishers, to make sure they are not damaged and are ready to be used in the event of an emergency.

Ensure the taps are working

After you have turned the water back on then flush the toilet and let all your taps run hot and cold water for a couple of minutes. This will make sure the water system is running correctly.

Tick the odd jobs off your list

Now is a great time to complete the list of random jobs that you’ve been putting off. It could be replacing a light bulb, tightening a hinge or giving something a fresh lick of paint. Whatever it is, you’ll be pleased you got it done before the season kicked off!


If you’ve followed these tips then your static caravan should be in top condition and ready for spring and beyond. Putting in the time to do these maintenance checks once or twice a year will increase the longevity of your caravan overall.