Design Out Crime With SBD Fireproof Products 

Do you need to protect your building from gunfire or explosives? Ballistic doors and windows are the solution you’re looking for.

Ballistic doors are the ultimate in advanced security technology. If you’re looking to safeguard the access points of your building with a product that cannot be penetrated by anyone who is using the force of a gun or rifle, then a ballistic door is the perfect solution for you. But not all ballistic doors are built equally, so if you’re in the market for this type of security solution, check out our guide to help you select the best.

Who Needs Ballistic Doors?

Ballistic doors deliver the highest level of security for a property. Although they can be integrated into any building, you’re unlikely to see them in most residential properties. As they’re available to prevent a brute force intrusion by criminals with weaponry such as guns or explosives, you’re more likely to find ballistic doors securing the entrance of high-profile buildings. These might include police stations, banks, embassies or sections of an airport. Some wealthier homeowners including footballers, celebrities or members of the royal family may use ballistic doors within their homes, particularly as part of a panic room setup.

Choosing Your Ballistic Door Company

Your first consideration when choosing a ballistic door company should be that they offer a wide range of SBD products. SBD stands for Secured by Design, which is a police-backed initiative developed to ‘design out crime’ through the creation of superior security products. Ballistic doors with SBD status will have met an extensive list of standards and have also undergone rigorous testing in order to achieve this enviable accreditation. SBD ballistic doors are the best products in the industry, so be sure to select a security product provider who can install and maintain them.

Which Ballistic Door Design Is Right For You?

The days of unattractive, unappealing security doors which look like the entrance to a prison have long gone. You can expect modern ballistic doors to be stylish, enabling them to fit perfectly with the overall aesthetics of your building. During the selection process, you can choose different colours, materials, finishes and features for your product to ensure it’s an exact match for the exterior or interior of your property. Steel is a popular finish for the frame as it provides your building with a robust and impenetrable access point, which looks sleek and modern too.

In terms of sizing, your door can be customised to meet the dimensions you require, enabling you to benefit from ballistic protection wherever you need it within your building.

Choose Ballistic Glass

Ballistic glass is the perfect choice for your doors and windows. During testing, it has stood up against shots fired from hand guns, rifles and shot guns, with calibres ranging from .22 through to 12/70.

No one likes to consider they will be in a scenario where gunfire may be used, but if you are concerned about protecting your property from this type of attack, then SBD ballistic doors and windows are the clear choice. Get in touch with your choice of ballistic door provider today.