How smart lockers can help your business tackle COVID-19 challenges.

In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, it is important to adapt your storage solutions now and going forward – this is where smart lockers can help. Smart lockers are secure storage systems with built in state of the art technology that allow for remote management and other clever functions.

Social distancing

With social distancing guidelines being one of the simplest and most important rules in our fight against Coronavirus, it is crucial that the 2-metre distance is obliged by. Smart lockers can help with this and be set to enforce social distancing rules. For example, if a gym goer arrives at the gym changing room wanting to gain access to a new locker, a smart system will only offer lockers at least 2-metres from another active locker; this will limit contact between gym patrons and control the spread of the virus.

Capture and utilise data

Smart lockers use the best and latest technology to capture important information to help save companies’ time, money, resources – and help safely handle the pandemic too.

The system will record how often lockers are being used, which locations are receiving high traffic and manage accordingly; it may be necessary to re-distribute locker locations, set rules and allocate lockers more efficiently.

Remote management

Smart locker systems are usually managed from a dedicated remote location. This allows operators to open, block and delegate all lockers across multiple locations without having to move through the building; limiting contact with others and reducing the risk of spreading COVID-19.

Provide assistance with ‘Track and Trace’

The Government’s ‘Track and Trace’ system is important in keeping all of us safe. Smart lockers can help with this; the clever technology can see who has visited what locker when and who they may have had contact with. If the unfortunate incident of a positive Coronavirus case does occur this system could be utilised to quickly control the outbreak within the workplace and the rest of society.

Antibacterial finishes

It is possible to add another element of safeguarding to smart lockers by using antibacterial finishes. During the manufacturing process an additive is combined with the materials, which creates a coating on the outside of the locker’s decorative board. These finishes, such as Biocote and Sanitized, have been scientifically proven to provide anti-fungal and anti-virus protection reducing harmful bacteria by 99.9%. This simple addition is a worthwhile investment in providing protection to all those using the lockers.


Smart lockers, with their user-friendly and intuitive functions, are a clever investment for your business as we move into the future and adapt to our “new normal”.