Add Cosmetic Appeal To Your Static Home

Is your caravan décor looking a little tired and dated? Follow these tips to provide a fresh facelift.

If you’re hoping to spend a little more time in your caravan this coming season, then you’ll want to be sure that it’s looking top-notch for your staycation. If your static home was pre-styled before you moved in, especially if you bought second-hand, then make sure that you have the opportunity to add your own personality to your home. The great news is that it’s really easy to modernise your caravan with these simple touches.

Updating Your Kitchen

Depending on the age of your caravan, your kitchen may be beginning to look a little tired. You may wish to entirely overhaul your kitchen by ripping it all out and starting again. This is a great solution if you’re planning to remain in your static home for years to come. As a more affordable alternative, you can make some simple cosmetic updates such as installing new countertops and cupboard doors whilst leaving the carcasses intact. This will cost you a fraction of the price of a new kitchen, and will add plenty of cosmetic appeal. If you’re hoping to market your home on a sell my static caravan site, then a kitchen upgrade will also add value to your resell price.

Add Custom-Made Blinds

Tired of the net-curtain-twitching look to your static caravan? Curtains in a caravan can look incredibly dated, especially if they come with a patterned or floral print. Provide your caravan with a more contemporary image by switching to blinds instead. These needn’t be expensive, you can simply purchase some made-to-measure options online and then fit them into place with ease.

Replace Your Flooring

Is your current caravan flooring looking a little worn? In older static homes, this is one of the first things that starts to look dated. If you’ve got carpeted flooring, it’s relatively simple to switch these out for some more modern laminate or vinyl floor tile options. Remember that the cost of replacing flooring is dependent on the square footage required, so with the average size of a static home, this shouldn’t be an expensive project.

Insulate The Exterior

Caravans can take a bit of a beating during the winter season and after several years of visiting your static home, you’ll start to notice the difference in its aesthetic appeal as you approach each time. By covering your caravan in vinyl cladding, you can protect against the elements whilst also providing extra insulation for your home. If you’ve noticed any draughts appearing, then this will also help enormously.

Retiling Your Bathroom

You don’t need an entirely new bathroom suite to provide a facelift. Instead of the expense of a new installation, you’ll be amazed at the difference that a simple tiling project can make. Combine fresh new tiles with a lick of paint and it’ll feel like an entirely different bathroom.

Now you have an idea of which areas of your caravan to target, you’ll be wondering when to tackle them. You can either carry out these maintenance tasks over a few weekends before your official visit, and really enjoy spending time in your glam new home. Alternatively, you can make your next trip a working holiday, and take your time getting the jobs done whilst relaxing plenty inbetween.