Create Business Solutions At Speed

Top benefits of using Microsoft Power Apps for your next business apps development cycle.

Power Apps provide a fantastic route into the creation of business solution apps for your company. Microsoft has provided the Power Apps interface to be used by professionals, as a way to speed up their development cycles. However, the tool can also be used by inexperienced developers as very little coding is required to create a high-functioning app. Power Apps will enhance the productivity of your workflow by offering a wealth of benefits.


Top of the list is the speed at which your business apps can be created using Power Apps. Microsoft has designed the software with agile deployment in mind, meaning that you can launch your apps promptly and ensure that they constantly evolve by adding value with each update. Drag and drop features simplify the complex processes required to develop an app – this enables you to quickly build user interfaces or create links from form fields to code for example. These drag and drop elements allow you to rapidly produce a prototype for your app, often making changes on the spot whilst responding to requests from your sales team. This makes the Power Apps tool a truly streamlined and collaborative business solution.

Mobile Ready

Producing an interface that is compatible with your laptop or desktop is one thing, but what about when your teams are out on the road? That same app will need to fit well within the screen of your mobile and offer the same benefits from all remote devices and connections. Power Apps provide simple interface and common connectors which are incredibly easy to use. These ensure that your app uses the same data to create both an impressive desktop version as well as a mobile friendly version, making your app useful for all of your team members and in any environment.

Using Data

Useful data is at the heart of any successful app development, and Power Apps is no exception. Microsoft includes automated features within the software, allowing AI to provide powerful insights for users to leverage. By just pointing and clicking, your app will return business intelligence which will enhance productivity for your organisation. Need to extract data from the app? Not a problem when you can integrate Power Apps with Office 365, Microsoft Flow or Microsoft BI.

Role-Based Security

Security isn’t compromised when you empower your team members to work with Power Apps. By taking advantage of role-based security for sharing purposes, this enables you to assign user privileges to the types of actions that may be performed within an app. Each person who uses the app will be set up with predefined or custom roles. This allows you to limit the way in which certain team members can interact with the app depending on their job role, or whether they’re accessing the app remotely. Compliance regulations are easy to achieve when you rely on Microsoft Power Apps for your business tool development.

If you’re looking for an affordable, convenient and super speedy way to launch an app to enhance productivity within your organisation, then Power Apps is the way to go. If you already have an Office 365 licence, then it’s straightforward to add Power Apps to your stack – why not get started today?