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Month: July 2020

How Can Your Business Benefit From Using Power Apps?

Create Business Solutions At Speed

Top benefits of using Microsoft Power Apps for your next business apps development cycle.

Power Apps provide a fantastic route into the creation of business solution apps for your company. Microsoft has provided the Power Apps interface to be used by professionals, as a way to speed up their development cycles. However, the tool can also be used by inexperienced developers as very little coding is required to create a high-functioning app. Power Apps will enhance the productivity of your workflow by offering a wealth of benefits.


Top of the list is the speed at which your business apps can be created using Power Apps. Microsoft has designed the software with agile deployment in mind, meaning that you can launch your apps promptly and ensure that they constantly evolve by adding value with each update. Drag and drop features simplify the complex processes required to develop an app – this enables you to quickly build user interfaces or create links from form fields to code for example. These drag and drop elements allow you to rapidly produce a prototype for your app, often making changes on the spot whilst responding to requests from your sales team. This makes the Power Apps tool a truly streamlined and collaborative business solution.

Mobile Ready

Producing an interface that is compatible with your laptop or desktop is one thing, but what about when your teams are out on the road? That same app will need to fit well within the screen of your mobile and offer the same benefits from all remote devices and connections. Power Apps provide simple interface and common connectors which are incredibly easy to use. These ensure that your app uses the same data to create both an impressive desktop version as well as a mobile friendly version, making your app useful for all of your team members and in any environment.

Using Data

Useful data is at the heart of any successful app development, and Power Apps is no exception. Microsoft includes automated features within the software, allowing AI to provide powerful insights for users to leverage. By just pointing and clicking, your app will return business intelligence which will enhance productivity for your organisation. Need to extract data from the app? Not a problem when you can integrate Power Apps with Office 365, Microsoft Flow or Microsoft BI.

Role-Based Security

Security isn’t compromised when you empower your team members to work with Power Apps. By taking advantage of role-based security for sharing purposes, this enables you to assign user privileges to the types of actions that may be performed within an app. Each person who uses the app will be set up with predefined or custom roles. This allows you to limit the way in which certain team members can interact with the app depending on their job role, or whether they’re accessing the app remotely. Compliance regulations are easy to achieve when you rely on Microsoft Power Apps for your business tool development.

If you’re looking for an affordable, convenient and super speedy way to launch an app to enhance productivity within your organisation, then Power Apps is the way to go. If you already have an Office 365 licence, then it’s straightforward to add Power Apps to your stack – why not get started today?

Why Now Is The Perfect Time to Invest in Resource Management Software

How it Can Help You to Re-Launch Your Business

Resource management software is becoming more and more popular with businesses all over the UK right now. Here’s why.

Now many not seem like the natural time to make changes to your business, but some small investments here and there will really help you to succeed in the approaching months. Here’s why resource manager software is so important in these unprecedented times.

The economy is slowly re-starting

The lockdown measures the Government imposed in March were largely successful in halting the spread of COVID-19 across the UK. However, even now as they are being eased there’s a lot of adjusting for businesses to do in order to recover and grow. One way you can do so is by investing in resource management software. Here’s why it’s so useful:

Furloughed staff

If a member of your resource management team has been furloughed, then you can’t ask them to come in and work. As you start to resume some of your normal operations, this can leave you with a dilemma. You aren’t yet in a position where you can pay their wages, but your resource management is suffering. That’s where software comes in. It’s easy to run, so anyone can use it. It’s also a lot cheaper than someone’s wages.

Perfect for smaller teams

These have been incredibly trying times for businesses, and many company owners have found themselves having to make tough decisions and let members of staff go. Even if you are able to keep everyone on, you may not be able to have them all in the office at the same time. Resource management software doesn’t need many staff to operate it, so you can run efficiently with less manpower.

Keep your new projects running smoothly

If your business is beginning to ramp up operations again, then you will have projects that you need to take care of. At such a crucial time for your business, you don’t want to make any unnecessary errors. Investing in great resource management software largely eliminates human error, and will give you all the information that you need to deliver projects on time, every time.

Helps to rebuild confidence

If people have been out of the office for quite some time, it’s only natural that their confidence will have taken a bit of knock. Having software that they can count on will do wonders for their self esteem and performance in their role. They’ll be able to meet deadlines and deal with any unexpected issues so much quicker, making them feel in control once again.

Find a great provider

If you are going to invest in resource management software, then it’s important that you work with a great provider. Innate Management have been the resource management software provider of choice for a large number of UK businesses for some time now. Their software is easy to run and operate, and you will be given all the support you need as you get to grips with it.

What are you waiting for?

Now that you can see just how much of a difference resource manager software makes in a variety of circumstances, why not see if it could be the perfect fir for you and your company? Now you know where to find the very best the UK has to offer, there’s no excuse.

Is There Still a Place For Team Building in a Post-Coronavirus Workplace?

How It Can Continue to Help Your Business

Team building can still be a part of your company culture – you just need to do it a little differently, is all.

The COVID-19 outbreak has dramatically changed how we work, and activities we used to take part in just aren’t possible anymore. However, remote team building can still play a part in your company’s path to success.

Working from home

In terms of how we work, the difference between now and the start of the year is stark. Gone are the days of freely socialising with your colleagues, or even sitting down for a cup of tea together on your break. Work has become much less social, thanks to the physical distance that needs to be kept and the fact that so many people are now working from home. It’s easy to assume that team building has become redundant now – but that isn’t the case.

Remote team building

During the rush to set up remote working and adjusting to a new way of life, team building didn’t really sit high on many people’s list of priorities. However, for some companies. It’s been part of their ethos ever since their team members began to work from home. Remote team building (aka an event carried out over a video conferencing platform) has become hugely popular, and it can be just as effective as an event carried out in person.

Making the new normal sustainable

Home working needs to be sustainable, and for that you need to maintain strong relationships between all members of staff. Just because they aren’t all working as physically close as they used to doesn’t mean that they can’t continue to connect. Remote team building allows your team members to work together, flex their creative muscles, and see how easy it can be for them to collaborate with their colleagues while they work from home.

Reaffirming your company values

Remote team building also gives you the chance to reaffirm your company’s values. It can be easy to lose sight of these while working at home, and it standards can slip. Nipping this in the bud as soon as you notice it will help you to deliver the same great products or services. People don’t realise just how effective team building can be for this, but you really will be amazed at just how much of a difference it can make. It’s so much more than just a little bit of fun!

Find a great provider

If you want to get the most out of remote team building, then it’s important to find the best specialists in the field. Zing Events have developed a range of really exciting, immersive events that can be held remotely. If you have never taken part in an event like this before, there is no need to worry. You’ll be given the guidance and support that you need, and the software used to hold the event is safe and secure for you to use.

What are you waiting for?

It’s clear to see that team building does still have a place in the post coronavirus workplace. Yes, it may look and feel a little different, but it still makes a really positive impact. If you haven’t organised a remote team building event yet, you know what to do next!

Bald Men More At Risk of Severe Coronavirus Symptoms

High Androgen Levels Increase Threat of Covid

Bald men are more likely to experience strong coronavirus symptoms following diagnosis. Learn why this is and what can be done.

New evidence suggests that bald men may have a higher risk of developing severe coronavirus symptoms. Male pattern baldness is a common condition which can begin at any age. Typically, it takes men 15-20 years to lose all of their hair completely, with about two thirds of men either bald or experiencing a balding pattern by the age of 60. Real hair wigs can be worn by both men and women who suffer from balding, and some will also use drug treatments to combat the condition. However, the risk of developing severe Covid-19 symptoms is not something that can be overcome as easily.

The Gabrin Sign

Dr Frank Gabrin, who was bald, was the first US physician to die of Covid-19. The research between baldness and Covid-19 is thought to be so significant, that the risk factor is now known as the ‘Gabrin sign’. In the UK, Public Health England have revealed that men who are of working age, are more than twice as likely to die in comparison to women, if they are diagnosed with Covid-19.

Male Sex Hormones

Scientists have been scrabbling to determine exactly why men are more at risk, and have previously cited lifestyle and smoking habits as well as immune system differences between the sexes. However, the latest research suggests that androgens, or male sex hormones, could have a large part to play in the severity of symptoms. Whereas large quantities of androgens can be responsible for the loss of hair, they also seem to be linked to the capacity of Covid-19 in attacking the cells. The good news here is androgens can be suppressed, as they are in both hair loss therapy as well as in treating conditions such as prostate cancer.

Research Trials

Professor Wambier of Brown University has been carrying out small research studies in Spain to prove that an unusually high number of bald men were admitted to hospital after testing positive for Covid-19. Across three hospitals in Madrid, 79% of Covid patients were bald. To compare, a study of similarly aged, but healthy men to those found in the hospital found that only around 31-53% were bald. A similar trend could be found when looking at female pattern baldness and coronavirus hospital admission rates.

Treatment Options

An Italian piece of research which examined the prospects of 9,280 prostate cancer patients, also found that those using androgen-deprivation therapy were significantly less likely to contract coronavirus in comparison to those who were using other treatments. By using drugs which reduce their testosterone levels, cells are protected from the effect of Covid-19. To cause the infection, coronaviruses rely on a spike protein which attaches to the cell’s membrane – this is then activated by an enzyme which is thought to be TMPRSS2. Scientists are now tasked with exploring whether the enzyme reacts similarly in the lungs, where the coronavirus thrives, as it does in the prostate. A variety of clinical studies are now being started to investigate the possible treatment options.

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