Choosing The Right Cut For Your Face Shape

When selecting your wig, it’s important to go for a cut and style that complements your individual face shape.

If you’re looking to change up your image with a fabulous European hair wig, then you have a couple of choices. Either you can create a collection of different wig styles to suit your every mood, or you can have a single wig customised to your individual style specifications. Your choice of style may be inspired by the latest trends and celebrity icons but should also be influenced by your face shape and what will look great on you! Here are 5 styles to consider for your next wig.

Timeless Layers

If you’re looking for a classic style that will ensure longevity of your wig investment, then you can’t go wrong with a timeless layered look. A simple side parting, complete with layers will add softness to your face, especially if you choose a wig with a natural curl to it. This particularly suits those with a square face shape as the bounce in the curls helps to even out any straight features such as a prominent jawline.

Sleek Long Cut

If you have a round face with large cheeks, then this wig style is perfect for you. Instead of opting for short cuts that will highlight the shape of your face, choose a sleek, longer length style. You can even add a little height at the crown to accentuate the length further. If you’re looking for a little colour depth, then European hair wigs look great with some highlights added in.

Chin-Length Bob

Another classic style, the chin-length bob is perfectly suited to wig-wearers with a heart-shaped face. Whether straight or wavy, this length allows you to put the balance back, wherever it’s needed. For example, by adding weight in the nape area, you’ll detract from a narrow chin. Be careful though not to be too top-heavy at the crown, as this could elongate your chin more still.

The Lob

Can’t decide whether to stay long or go for a bob haircut? Then the lob is the perfect compromise and is incredibly versatile. Go for a poker-straight lob, or alternatively a wavy texture gives your wig that casual girl-next-door look which is rocking many a salon this year. Celebrity lob-wearers are Elizabeth Moss, Rose Byrne and Emily Blunt, but the great thing about the lob is that it suits all face shapes and is a flattering style at any age.

The Ponytail

Who says that wigs have to be worn down? So long as your European hair wig is of a light-weight density, then there’s nothing to stop you sweeping your hair up. Not only does this style look smart and youthful, it’s also ideal to keep you cool during hotter days. One style of ponytail that works really well with wigs is a romantic side ponytail, as it’s not too tight and can be swept gently below the ear.

European hair wigs can be styled using electrical equipment such as tongs, rollers and straighteners, but always follow guidance from your wig manufacturer to ensure you care for your investment so you can enjoy it for years to come.