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Month: July 2019

5 Ways A Back Massage Can Help Improve Your Health

Massage is a graceful art, performed manually by a trained massage therapist using their hands, forearms and elbows on your body to treat various health conditions. A back massage Chelmsford comes highly recommended, as it brings a number of benefits such as internal well-being, muscle relaxation and decreased stress.

Being a massage therapist is a challenging job. To provide an effective massage requires focus, body strength, a good understanding and knowledge of the human body and good use of the therapists’ body – we all benefit from maintenance back massages!

Continue Reading to Find Out How You Too Can Benefit! 

Massage therapy has a wide scope of practice such as medical massage, sports massage, infant massage and geriatric massage. It is performed according to the body segments involved; it may be your upper extremity, lower extremity, and your back that need attention. It uses various techniques and pressures to manipulate your soft tissues, such as muscles, connective tissue and tendons, which allow the joints and muscles to relax and heal.

The back is one major area to massage; the area is large and spread out. Keeping it simple, it can be broken down into 3 sections upper (cervical), mid (thoracic) and lower (lumber).

Lying down to get a back massage is like handing over your body, all your worries and tensions in your back to the massage therapist – sounds good, right?

As the massage begins, you will relax into it and it will give you a complete feeling of relaxation, relief and you’ll feel your airways are more open, so you feel yourself breathing for longer and just feel much looser after!

The Essential Health Benefits of a Back Massage

Reduces back pain

Your back pain may be due to various reasons like a muscle injury, joint degeneration, nerve compressions and so on. A massage will help to release endorphins (natural pain relievers) in your blood. It is a substance that prevents pain signals reaching the brain and activates positive feelings. It also relaxes your back muscles to aid recovery.

Improves Circulation

Massage therapy can help improve circulation in your body.  It increases the volume of blood to the area; it flows with excessive oxygen and nutrient supply which helps restore muscle properties and its function.

Increasing blood supply also helps remove toxins accumulated in your body. The specific techniques used helps to flush out the toxins from the affected area.

Decreases Nerve Compression

The backbones are what makes you stand tall and support other skeletal structures in your body. Through the back, the bones protect a bunch of nerves from which branches of nerves supply other body parts. Sometimes the nerves get compressed by tight muscles causing pain and disturbed sensation and signals to be interfered.

Improves the Immune System

A poor immune system can lead to poor health. A back massage can result in increased production of white blood cells in your blood that are responsible for fighting against disease. Back massages boost your immune system enabling you to be at optimal health.

Decreases Stress

Your stress may be either internal or external. Back massages can help bring down external physical tension and internal mental pressure. It gives complete relaxation to your body that can even improve your sleep which gives your brain a rest and help you process constructively.

Struggling to Save Money? Here’s Our Top Tips

Whether you are juggling personal or business finances you will understand the struggle of stretching your budget far enough each month to cover all your costs. It can become a stressful ritual monitoring incoming and outgoing money, especially if you are trying to ringfence funds each month to put aside for savings.

Saving is often made harder as monthly costs constantly increase, meaning more of your time is taken shopping around for better deals, switching service providers and comparing contract costs.  However, there are a number of simple tips you can follow that will make your money saving plan a little easier to stick to. This will also make you feel like you are finally achieving financial independence as you see your savings grow month on month. However, if you would like professional financial advice on saving money then accounts in Peterborough can be contacted to discuss your requirements further, which may include tax returns, bookkeeping advice or corporation and personal tax advice.

If you are saving for your own personal reasons then firstly, list your monthly expenditure. This will highlight the areas where you spend the most money and where you can, as a quick win, make initial savings. Go through the items on your list and start to shop around, do your research on line or in person. Make a note of the places where you can get a cheaper deal and start to change your brands, suppliers and stores accordingly. You will be surprised at how much this initial step can save you if you put in the time and effort. Don’t forget about credit cards and store cards too. It is always worth switching to take advantage of interest free periods to give you time to pay off the debt without the added interest, and if you can afford to pay more than the minimum amount each month you will pay off your debt much quicker.

Now you have your budget, you should have been able to identify the money that you intend to save each month. If you haven’t already got one, set yourself up a separate savings account in your bank. If you bank digitally it is really easy to transfer money each month across from your current account to your savings account. Transfer your savings as soon as you get paid, and don’t be tempted to touch this or transfer it back. If you are struggling to manage without this amount every month, then readjust your budget to a more comfortable level.

Short or long-term saving? It always helps to focus on savings if you have a savings goal. This will provide purpose to your new monthly financial routine. Start by planning to save enough money to cover 3-6 months of your monthly expenses should you ever need to fall back on them. Once you have achieved this and you can see your money growing, then start to think about what else you would like to get from your savings. Maybe a holiday or some home improvements?  Now you have proved to yourself you can save; it will make future saving much easier and help to balance your overall finances.

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