Turning your unwanted items into money
for your seasonal spending

Christmas can be an expensive time of
year, so planning ahead is always worthwhile so as to build a handy fund ready
for your seasonal spending rather than plundering your bank account or putting
it on credit cards or loans. There are various ways to raise some cash ready
for the festive season, and the sooner you start the more even modest amounts
will mount up.

Save, sell and earn

These are the three basic ways of
generating some money. Here are some ideas:


You may well have equipment and other
items sitting around gathering dust that you no longer use, so why not turn
them into cash?

Perhaps that coffee making machine
that seemed a good idea at the time, but you never seem to use could go? Maybe
there’s some clothes cluttering the wardrobe you never wear that might make

You might have some old tech equipment
you’ve never got around to disposing of? Old mobile phones and tablets can be
converted into cash on sites like Gumtree or from specialist companies who buy
mobiles for cash.

How about older camera equipment you
no longer have much call for? You may have some very capable but seldom used
film camera equipment sitting doing nothing.

You may even have older digital
equipment you’ve replaced with a newer model, or perhaps find your digital
camera gets left behind more often than not because the camera on your
smartphone does the job of taking photos so well? Specialist buyers of
photographic equipment can answer the ‘how to sell my
?’ question, and
the process is likely quicker and easier than selling on eBay or similar.

Be ruthless

When deciding what you could sell be
ruthless as you search through cupboards, drawers, the garage and loft; instead
of gathering dust your old gear could be gathering cash for you.

For example, with clothing a good way
to decide what to get rid of is to ask yourself if you’ve worn a given item in
the last six months (aside from maybe a very special dress or suit). If not, put
it to one side ready for sale.

Selling options

Ebay is the obvious choice for selling
your old stuff but check that selling and postage costs don’t eat into your
profits. Free alternatives include sites like Gumtree or Facebook marketplace.

Save money

Saving money is another way of
generating cash for Christmas. While perhaps cutting down on everyday expenses
such as visits to the coffee shop is one way to save, there’s no need to do
without little treats completely. Perhaps restrict yourself to one shop bought
coffee per day if you’re inclined to have more than one and resolve to put the
saved money to one side.

Bills and expenses – if you haven’t assessed your everyday bills lately, then
a session checking you’re not paying too much for your energy, mobile phone,
broadband and maybe car and household insurance is worthwhile.

By following
advice from known money saving experts
and checking that your current suppliers are still
competitive you could make some very useful savings. Why not channel the money
you save into your Christmas fund?

While you’re at it check out cash back
sites if you haven’t already; here you can get money back on many purchases
you’d have made anyway. This could be especially useful if you do decide to
switch supplier when you’ve checked your utility bills as above; for some you
can buy their service through a cash back site.

Earn money

There are umpteen ways to earn a
little extra online but be careful and check options out carefully. Some online
‘opportunities’ can at best take forever to earn even a few pounds from while
others are seeking to part you from some of your money in sign up fees and so
forth – the very opposite of what you’re trying to achieve.

Some online activities such as taking
, mystery shopping
or using
certain smartphone apps

may not make you big money but can add a little extra to your Christmas pot
whilst combining them with other activities. For example, completing a simple
online survey can be done while watching the television or on a train journey

Another obvious way to earn is to
either take on some extra work or maybe do a little overtime if the possibility
exists. Do guard against overdoing it though; you wouldn’t want to spend every
waking hour working, but maybe a few extra hours is feasible and if you’re
strict about putting this extra money into your festive fund it’ll soon add up.

Give up

Not so much the idea of saving for Christmas
but quitting expensive habits where possible. Smoking is an obvious one and if
you can kick the evil weed into touch the money you save could possibly pay for
your Christmas on its own such is the expense of smoking.

If you can’t quit completely then
turning to vaping is worth a go; you’ll save drastically compared to the cost
of smoking, and it’s certainly a step in the right direction from a health
point of view.

method – or combination of methods – you adopt you’ll enjoy the festive season
all the more knowing you prepared for it financially rather than worrying about
the expense.