What Team Building
Events Look Like In 2018

A brief history of team building and
how it has influenced Zing Events in helping organisations get the most out of
their workforce.

team building may seem like a recent business strategy, but actually it dates
back to the 1920s when organisational theorist, Elton Mayo conducted a series
of experiments known as the Hawthorne
. This research put employee behaviour under the spotlight
and concluded the following were necessary for a team to work effectively:

  • the
    group must take pride in their accomplishments, and be motivated by leaders who
    are engaged in their daily tasks
  • a
    sense of confidence should be fostered
  • management
    must demonstrate interest in each of the employees as individuals
  • performance
    reviews to be undertaken to help the workforce meet their goals

These points
formed the basis of what contemporary HR departments now look for when they’re
putting together a strong team to assist a company in meeting its objectives.

Changing the Face of Corporate Team

But unfortunately,
in the past corporate team building has suffered somewhat from a reputation of
being stuffy and overly formal. Like most business practices though, it has
taken some time to evolve – but now one company, Zing Events, has transformed
the nature and success of team building activities. By creating a series of fun
team building ideas
, workers are fully committed to enjoying their
day out of the office – which allows employers to get the most out of this as a
strategy. Here are some of the most popular events that the company can host
for your organisation.

Crystal Challenge

version of the show is your favourite, most of us have always held a secret
desire to perform on the Crystal Maze. And now you can! Teams compete head to
head in up to 12 different events, to win crystals. These then translate into
the amount of time you can spend in the final stage Crystal Dome.

It’s A Knockout

inspired by a famous gameshow, this challenge sees teams of colleagues dressed
up in costumes, doing bungee runs and hurling water-filled sponges at each
other, all in the name of fun! It’s an excellent event for breaking down
barriers between managers and their employees, and helps to develop a rapport
between teammates who don’t know each other so well.

The Trading Floor

challenge has a definite theatrical element to it, that will sweep you up and
give you a great insight into working with stocks and shares. Each team member
will be assigned a financial role such as Investment Analyst, Floor Trader,
Media Trader or Finance Manager. The adrenaline-filled challenges happen live
on the trading floor, which is surrounded by giant screens displaying the highs
and lows of the market. The winning team will be those that work well under
pressure and that have amassed the most fortune at the end of the event!

Crime Scene Investigation

nothing that helps a team bond better than a murder crime! This forensic
challenge allows your employees to flex their problem-solving muscles to
determine how the murder occurred and what the person’s motive was. They’ll
learn about blood spatter analysis, taking fingerprints, DNA clues and
ballistic examination.

This is just
a small selection of popular activities that Zing Events offers organisations.
There’s a wide range of events that can be held indoors or outdoors depending
on the weather and the size of your venue. The packages can be customised based
on the size of your organisation and what you’d like to get out of the event.
Get in touch with Zing Events today to boost morale and overhaul productivity
in your organisation.