Fast, Effective Hacks
That Will Boost Traffic Almost Instantly

Traffic on a website is like footfalls
in a business and is a key measure of success. Here are five simple ways to get
more people through the door.

Whether you
are a hobbyist blogger, a burgeoning new business or a multinational
corporation, there is one aspiration that you are sure to have for your
website, and that is to increase traffic. For businesses, more traffic is the
first step towards more conversions and increased sales. But for anyone who
wants their site to succeed, boosting traffic is key to improving SEO and
featuring higher on the search results pages.

There are
plenty of ways to do so, and the trick is adopting a blended approach that will
make the different strategies work together. Let’s take a look at five
approaches that will generate fast results.

Speculate to accumulate with PPC

When a site
is starting from scratch, any organic SEO strategies will inevitably take time.
Paying for traffic using a tool like AdWords is the perfect way to give
everything a kick start. It is also fraught with risk for the unwary, so it is
essential to get some expert support from a company like this PPC agency Essex. That way, you will stand the best
chance of directing your strategy – and your money – in the most effective

Use social media

leverage the power of Facebook. With well over two billion members worldwide,
there is no platform that wields such power, influence and outreach. Create a
Facebook page, share your content and reach out to influencers in your niche.
Also join relevant Facebook groups and share your content there, as you will
have direct access to a far wider audience.

Create useful content

Of course,
the social media approach will only be effective if you have something to share
that people want to engage with. Creating valuable content means putting
yourself in the shoes of your readers and understanding what it is that
interests them, what questions they want answered and why your site is
something they need in their lives. Produce unique, engaging content, either in
the form of blog posts or videos that addresses these topics and answers these
questions. Content creation needs to be an ongoing process – look to schedule
something new at least every two weeks.

Focus on UX

people through your virtual door is one thing. Persuading them to hang around,
come again and send their friends along is another. Look at your web design
from the user’s perspective. Do pages load quickly, are the menus easy to
navigate, is it mobile-friendly and do calls to action compel you to read on?
If the answer to any of the above is “no,” you need to sit down with a web
designer and have a rethink, or you will always struggle to improve traffic.

Optimise and enhance

important of all is to remember that none of these measures are “set it and
forget it” tasks. Constantly monitor your traffic, keep track of which pages
perform better, and that way you can do more of what works and less of what