7 ways to boost your
plumbing business

From engaging on social
media to branding your company vehicle, there are some simple steps you can
take to help market and grow your plumbing business.

In order for your plumbing business to
succeed you need to grow your customer base, and for this you need to dedicate
some time and resources to marketing your services. This can seem daunting if
you have little to no marketing experience, but there are some simple steps you
can take to help you grow your business.

Build your brand

First and foremost you need to turn
your plumbing business into a brand – a recognised name that is at the
forefront of people’s minds when they have a plumbing emergency. Creating a
brand is not just about designing an eye-catching logo (although that’s
certainly part of it); your branding should inform every element of your
business. Think about what you offer and what differentiates you from your
competitors, define your target audience, and create a unique voice – then use
these elements to build an engaging and memorable brand

Go digital

Digital communications channels offer a
myriad of marketing opportunities for small businesses. Creating a clear,
easy-to-navigate website which showcases your services is really important so
that potential customers can find you online. This doesn’t have to be a really
expensive project – just a small website of 4-5 pages should be sufficient for
your needs.

Social media offers another effective
way to engage with your target audience. Try to think creatively about the type
of content you want to post. Running contests and offering discounts to social
media followers can help you to expand your reach, while posting videos
instructing people on how to deal with common plumbing problems can help you to
build trust and brand recognition.

Harness your fleet

As a plumber you more than likely have
your own van (or a several vans if you have employees), so it makes sense to
use your vehicle to your advantage with fleet branding. This simply
involves applying decals or graphics to your company vehicles, turning them
into moving billboards for your plumbing business. It’s a great way to increase
your visibility and, with up to 3,000 impressions per hour it’s one of the most
effective forms of visual marketing.

Local business listings

To increase your chances of being found
by potential customers it’s important to get your company listed in local
business directories. Printed directories may not be used much these days but
online business listings such as Yelp, Google and Yell.com are a really
effective way of increasing your visibility and building your reputation as a
trusted business.

Radio ads

If you have the budget you may want to
consider promoting your services via a radio advertisement. These days it’s
overlooked as an advertising medium by many businesses, but radio advertising offers immediacy,
frequency and significant reach, and, importantly for a small business, it can
be surprisingly cost effective. An engaging and memorable advert on a local
radio station will help you to reach your target audience and get your name out
there without breaking the bank.

Community engagement

Getting involved in the local community
is a great way to build your reputation and get your name in front of potential
customers. Consider supporting an annual event or sponsoring a local sports
team for an easy and effective way to foster good feeling and potentially win
new business.

Word of mouth

By far the most important and effective
marketing tool for small businesses is word of mouth referrals. One negative
review can have a big impact on your reputation, so always go the extra mile to
ensure that your customers are happy with the service they receive. Be sure to
ask your satisfied customers to leave a review on social media and online
business listings so that potential customers view you as a plumber they can
trust to do a good job.

Marketing may can take time and effort but it is
imperative to the success of your company. Of course, you don’t need to try all
these things at once. Instead think about carefully about your business, your
resources and your target market, and decide what will work best for you. Even
taking small initial steps on your marketing journey can have a big impact,
helping you to successfully grow your plumbing business.