Thorough painting and decorating can
make all the difference

After all the work and planning that
goes into a building project whether a renovation of a home, the construction
of a new commercial premises, a new extension or a refresh of a buy to let property,
it’s easy to overlook the difference a thorough, considered and professional
painting and decorating job can make.

As it’s often the last job before
completion of a project, the temptation is to get it done as quickly and maybe
as cheaply as possible – but with a bit of thought, planning and expert help
your new project can be transformed from merely ‘good’ to ‘great’.

Decorating options

Sometimes, especially if a building is
to perform a functional role such as an office or a buy to let property, it’s
tempting to treat the decorating as a bit of an afterthought or at least with
little imagination. A few tins of magnolia from the local DIY centre slapped on
is often the sum total of some people’s efforts.

With the decorating techniques
available today, not to mention a
multitude of paint colours and types
, it’s easy with the right help to create a visually
interesting look for that new office, extension or renovation.

Design help

Firstly, consulting home and decor
magazines can give you some ideas for colour combinations and styles for
certain rooms. Often a certain colour scheme can transform the look and feel of
a space; certain shades can make a tiny, darker room look a lot larger and
airier and two-tone styles can make a hallway look more interesting.

What about your commercial premises? A
flat dove grey shade everywhere is certainly functional, but why not think a
bit more imaginatively and create a space that helps project a specific image
and feel for your business? It certainly makes for a more stimulating working environment
and will likely make a lasting impression on your clients and other visitors.

Painting and decorating is a specialism
and experts exist to take it on as a project; for example a search for ‘commercial painters Ipswich’ gives you professionals with experience of decorating a
variety of spaces who can advise and execute a style to make the most of your
building project.

There’s also the matter of painting in
hard to get to areas such as at height and near hazardous areas; tasks that
professional painters and decorators are geared up for.

What will painting and decorating
experts offer?

Drawing from their experience, they
can point to a portfolio of various completed projects to help you decide on
something suitable. Maybe you’ve enlisted an interior designer? If so their
ideas on colour combinations can soon be made reality by your professional

They’re used to working to an agreed
budget, know where and how to source good quality yet value for money
materials, are proficient in working in difficult to reach areas, and can
project manage so the task is completed smoothly and on time with good
communications at all times.

It’s a weight off your mind and well
worth the extra small effort to enlist the help of professionals to add the
finishing flourish to your building project.