Choosing A Luxury Watch for A Milestone Birthday

Choosing A Luxury Watch for A Milestone Birthday

A 21st birthday calls for a special gift. Choosing a luxury watch for your loved one to treasure as they hit a milestone birthday is the perfect present.

We’ve compiled a selection of our favourite men’s and women’s luxury watches for sale that any 21-year-old would love to receive!


Before you buy a luxury watch

If you want to keep the luxury watch as a surprise gift and don’t want to ask what kind of watch they would like, take the time to consider their style or your chosen watch could end up sat on a table gathering dust.

Look at their current accessory collection and consider their personal style. Do they love vintage? Do they only wear silver or gold? Do they prefer formal jewellery or are they more casual? You could even ask a close friend for their advice.

Just because the price tag is high, doesn’t mean that they will automatically love it, so finding a piece they will wear is more important than just splashing your cash. Set a budget and try to stick to it, then you won’t have parted with more money than you’d like if it gets misplaced or they don’t like it.

Traditional 21st watches

There are certain watch styles that are suitable as gifts to mark a special occasion, whether it’s a 21st birthday, anniversary or another milestone birthday. Classically styled metal watches are often the most popular style, as their weight makes them feel substantial and the materials mean they’ll outlast decades of trends.

Traditional watches for women often feature metallic detailing and design but tend to include additional luxury features. Diamonds are commonly used across the face and case, as well as 18ct gold and mother of pearl.

High fashion watches

In recent years, the luxury watch sphere has expanded to include high-fashion pieces from big name brands, alongside the traditional Swiss and Garman manufactured pieces. Fashion watches are available for most budgets, but for something really special you could consider the more exclusive timepieces by brands such as Gucci or Versace.

For a 21-year-old who loves to make a statement, there’s nothing quite like a bold fashion watch. Bright colours, outlandish features and luxurious materials such as gold and diamonds are common features of a high fashion watch.

Vintage-inspired watches

Vintage and retro fashion made a comeback years ago, with many fashion-conscious youngsters choosing to take inspiration from decades gone, rather than buying into new trends. Men’s vintage style usually includes rich colouring, minimalistic iconography and subtle metal shades. It’s an ideal style for anyone who loves the elegant and timeless style over more short-lived fashion trends.

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