Gadgets to Help Cut Your Heating Bills This Winter

Gadgets to Help Cut Your Heating Bills This Winter

Staying warm shouldn’t mean spending lots of money each month to keep your home warm. Here are a few clever gadgets that you can buy to help stay warm and save you some money!


Tubular heater

You can waste money and energy to heat up an entire house when you’re only using one or two rooms at a time. a very cost-effective solution is to buy individual heaters like tubular heaters. The energy-efficient heating tube includes a built-in thermostat, so it only activates when it’s needed. They can be fixed to any wall or be stood up wherever the heat is needed. Tubular heaters are even resistant to light rain and wind.

Smart thermostat

The super-intelligent Tado thermostat can track every member of your household at once. This funky feature means your heating will only turn on when someone is returning home, so you can come home to a heated house without wasting energy. You can also manually tweak the heating via an app, which also displays how much cash you’ve saved on heating bills since Tado was installed in the home. A great little gadget!

Electric blanket

Getting out of bed in the mornings is a struggle, especially when there’s minus figures outside and the house is cold. A sensible solution to this is a plug in electric blanket. The ultra-thin nano wiring in the Silentnight comfort control electric blanket is energy efficient, and there are three different heat settings, so you can get the temperature just right for your liking. They are safe to be left on whilst you sleep, and they can be put into the washing machine and tumble drier, too.

Radiator booster fan

A Radfan radiator booster fan sits on top of a radiator and helps the warm air circulate the space. It has a built-in thermostat that automatically detects when the radiator is on, at which point the Radfan turns on. By blowing hot air towards the centre of the room, the helpful gadget stops valuable warmth from escaping up to the ceiling or through the wall. Not only does the fan help to heat up your home more quickly and efficiently, but it also costs next to nothing to run.

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