Which Rolex Watch Should I Buy?

Which Rolex Watch Should I Buy

Filling your watch box with the world’s most desirable pieces is no mean feat. We’ve put together a guide on the first five Rolex watches for sale that you should buy – which one is your favourite?



Produced in 1928, the Prince watch captures the spirit and feeling of the Thirties, with its distinctive two-part art deco dials. The Prince watch was often known as the ‘doctors watch’ because of the separate seconds dial being convenient for taking pulse readings. The Prince watch has established a reputation for high quality.


If you are collecting watches for their history, rather than just hunting for rare watches, then your next watch should be the Rolex Oyster from the Forties. The Rolex Oyster has simple designs and reliability over aesthetic, coming into force as a ‘tool watch’ during the Second World War. Rolex Oyster’s very rarely come into auction, but when they do they can achieve astounding prices. in 2015, a Rolex that belonged to a flight lieutenant called Jack Williams was sold for almost £200,000 at auction, because of Williams’ part in the Great Escape” of 1944.


After the war, Rolex continued to focus on functional watches and building on the technical advances of the watch industry. The most significant was water-resistance, an idea that Rolex had been the first to develop for wristwatches. An amateur diver saw a growing need for high-quality water-proof watches in the market. The 6200 model boats a self-winding movement, radium-lit hour markers and unidirectional bezel. Records are patchy, and prices are high with this watch however, so if you come across a Comex Submariner with paperwork and diving records, snap it up!


Rolex create beautiful dress watches too, known for being simplistic and of high quality. The Day-Date gets its name from the instant date-change mechanism that Rolex introduced, and this model helped make Rolex glamorous. It’s apparently the one watch where the brand dropped its commitment to traditional values and declared “anything goes”.


The Milgauss is Rolex’s most contemporary watch with inspiration drawn from its military past. The green sapphire crystals work well combined with the blue dial to give the piece a Seventies feel, especially when twinned with the iconic orange lightning bolt second hand.

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