5 Ways Artificial Grass Can Be Used in An Office Environment

5 Ways Artificial Grass Can Be Used in An Office Environment

It’s very easy and cost-effective to have artificial grass installed into the office; in many cases there is little ground work preparation required so the process is often very quick.

So, once you’ve decided you’d like to have artificial grass installed in the office, you might be wondering how it can work? Well, here are five inspiring ways in which you can utilise fake grass in your office or work space!


On your desk top

You don’t need to have artificial grass installation throughout the whole office to receive some of the benefits. Artificial grass can look just as effective with small offcuts on desks, and it will certainly make a desk a more inviting place to work. A green computer desk can also help to increase productivity and reduce eyestrain, research suggests.

On the office floor

Many businesses are choosing to install artificial grass throughout the office. It can help to lift a person’s mood, and the feel of artificial grass underfoot can feel really good, too! Fake grass is hard-wearing so it’s an excellent choice for office flooring.

It’s really easy to clean artificial grass too. You can easily use a vacuum cleaner, in the same way you would clean a carpet.

In meeting rooms

Meetings are often dull affairs and usually involve people sat around a table with others who have little to say. Why not summon up some creativity and enthusiasm in meetings by livening up a meeting room with artificial grass? It will act as a mood booster and help turn meetings into productive events.

In reception areas

First impressions are everything for businesses – it helps to leave a lasting impression on new clients and helps to retain existing clients. Everyone from potential clients, staff and nervous job applications walk through your reception area before seeing any part of your office; so why not make a positive first impression by installing artificial grass to your reception area?

Why not take it a step further and have your logo inlaid into the artificial grass – that will get people talking!

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