Five Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home

Five Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home

From colour to materials, appliances to how to decorate each room in the home, here are five ways to increase the value of your home.


Add a conservatory

Creating more floor-space is the key to adding value to your home. The rend for open-plan living means that creating a larger kitchen-come-family room, flooded with natural light, is high on the priority list of today’s house hunters.

Thanks to modern materials and design, bespoke conservatories can be easily designed and built to create a room with a sense of flow between outdoors and in. Bespoke designs can be drawn up to create a thermally efficient room with insulated flooring and solid roof and walls, creating an ambient temperature to be enjoyed all year round.

Optimise space in the bedroom

Potential buyers always look for storage space, so investing in fitted bedroom units will be a bonus when it comes to selling your home. Fitted bedrooms offer masses of storage space, cleverly dividing the furniture’s compartments with the addition of optional drawers, shelves and units.

Transform your bathroom

Bathrooms aren’t just seen as functional spaces – property valuers and buyers now like to see a well designed and attractive bathroom space. A bathroom is a real investment that needs to combine a stylish layout to coincide with all the practicalities of everyday life.

No matter your budget, there are different ways you can transform your bathroom, be it through a splash of bold colour, adding new furnishings or investing in a statement mirror.

Good quality furniture

The lounge is one of the most used rooms in the house, so it’s important to show off it’s real potential and value. Good quality furniture will allow potential buyers to imagine a cosy night in on the sofa, or as the perfect room to entertain family and friends in.

Displaying one of the most used rooms in the house in the right way can make all the difference to daily living and the value of the property.

Make your kitchen the focal point of the home

If the lounge is the most used room in the house, then the kitchen is the heart of the home and an extension of our primary living space. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to invest in an attractive and clean kitchen to spark the attention of prospective buyers and property valuers alike.

The latest kitchen trends for 2018 are bold, vibrant colour schemes, delicate pastels and disguised lighting, but find a local kitchen installer who can provide you with information on trends and the best layout for your space.

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