Top Phone Deals In January 2018

An overview of the smartphone deals available in January 2018 and the importance of assessing needs to pick the best value package; the benefits of buying used.

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An overview of the smartphone deals available in January 2018 and the importance of assessing needs to pick the best value package; the benefits of buying used.

Lots of options to tempt you if an upgrade is due for the new year

January is a popular time for users to upgrade or at least change their mobile phone contract arrangements. Once the dust has settled after the prime buying time of Christmas, network operators in particular are keen to keep sales momentum going; consequently, January can be a good time to survey the market and see if you could either reduce costs or maybe upgrade for the same or even less money than you’re paying now.

Reviewing your requirements

A key step in getting the best deal is asking yourself if your current phone and contract arrangement is still meeting your needs; maybe your requirements have changed? This way you can focus on ensuring you only upgrade to what is useful to you rather than becoming seduced by mega deals that cause you to spend unnecessarily on what you don’t really need.

For example, what’s the point of paying extra for more Internet data per month when you don’t even use up your current allowance even if the price is super attractive?

Changing networks

You may be tempted by a very good deal on a different network; if so, it’s not hard to switch to a new one and keep your existing phone number. If you decide on this step, you may well find your existing provider tries to keep you by endeavouring to offer a deal similar to the one you’re attracted to elsewhere.

Changing platforms

Amongst smartphones there are two primary platforms – the operating software that powers your phone:

Android – created by Google, Android is used on phones from the likes of Samsung, LG, HTC and Google themselves with their Pixel range.

iOS – created by Apple and used in the iPhone, and also the iPad tablet.

You may be thinking of switching from one to the other; if so, there is some adjusting and a certain amount to consider when ‘moving house’ from a platform point of view.

Going shopping

Armed with your list of requirements and having done some research into potential new phones, then checking deals is next.

Apple iPhone – if the best selling smartphone of them all is of interest, then there are plenty of options depending on your priorities. The flagship iPhone X was only released in November 2017 and isn’t cheap to buy outright at £1,000, but reasonable contract deals can be had now incorporating a subsidised handset.

The smaller screened iPhone 8 released ahead of the X packs a powerful punch and has a superb camera (especially the dual lens Plus). Certain contract deals mean you could have one for less than £200 upfront on a 24 month contract costing less than £30 per month.

If you don’t mind not having the very latest tech, the 8’s predecessor the iPhone 7 is a still very powerful and fully featured phone still available on networks at some very attractive prices – on some it could be yours for as little as just over £20 per month on contract.

The iPhone 6S – new in 2015 – offers much of what users enjoy about the iPhone, and now contract prices are dipping below £20 per month with a subsidised phone costing a little over £125.

Another option when iPhone shopping is the used route; for example, buying a refurbished iPhone 7 outright means you could then either start again with a new network (if you buy an unlocked phone), or stick to your present provider. In either case you’d have a SIM-only arrangement so you’re not tied to a 24 month contract and the phone is yours from day one.

Many SIM only deals can be had for barely £10 per month or even less yet still with plenty of data, minutes and texts and maybe some other add ons.

Android phones

If you’re in the Android camp or thinking of moving over to it from Apple iOS or Windows Mobile, then deals abound here, too on some very capable handsets.

The Samsung S8 has been available a while now so prices have fallen and attractive contract deals exist; tariffs as low as £23.00 a month with an upfront payment of £125.00 are available.

Even more appealing deals can be had if you’re happy to sacrifice the very latest tech in exchange for further cost savings by plumping for the S8’s predecessor the still-excellent S7.

Google Pixel 2

A smartphone from the creator of the Android platform offers what is considered by many reviewers to be the best camera of all, and the powerful and fully-featured phone is something of a bargain from some quarters. For example, if 1 GB of data would be enough, then you could have a Pixel 2 for less than £20 per month with £100 up front on the EE network.


The stylish Sony Xperia XZ1 or XZ1 compact are popular, and while a couple of deals ask for just over £40 per month the phone itself is cheap – ranging from free to £12.

Don’t forget also a couple of ‘comeback kings’ in the form of Nokia and Blackberry; once market leaders in mobiles and smartphones, both manufacturers’ fortunes fell but they’re back with new and appealing models available on most networks at attractive prices.

There’s plenty to choose from in January.

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