Invest In Your Lawn – Top Turf Tips To Ensure An Attractive Family-Friendly Garden

If your lawn is more lacklustre than luscious, then check out these ways to transform your garden while still providing an exciting area for your kids to play in.  

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Does Your Lawn Need To Be Protected From Kids?

If your lawn is more lacklustre than luscious, then check out these ways to transform your garden while still providing an exciting area for your kids to play in.  

Among the many challenges of being a parent is trying to find the perfect balance of enjoying an attractive home while providing an environment that is fun for your kids to play in. This challenge becomes even more difficult in the garden where you must take nature and the elements into consideration too. Ballgames can wreak havoc on your planters, dirty footprints tend to find their way into your kitchen and playing football on damp grass can mean you’ll soon have a mudslide where your lawn used to be. In fact, the maintenance of your lawn is key to creating an attractive garden. Here are some tips on how to perfect your grass.

Rotate Large Toys

If your garden is filled with bulky equipment such as slides, trampolines, and swing ball sets, then your children are bound to enjoy hours of fun outside. However, if you leave these items in the same place for too long, then the grass beneath can quickly turn brown from lack of sunlight. To avoid this, make sure that you rotate your equipment every other day or so to ensure that each area of your grass gets the nourishment it needs.

Keep Your Grass Longer

Although homeowners tend to mow their grass short to keep it on the neat side, if you have kids you may want to rethink this strategy. By leaving it half an inch to an inch longer, the grass will resist the tear slightly better. So, your kids will be able to run around playing tag or sliding around the mouth of a football goal with less of an impact than would occur on a neater, shorter lawn.

Keep Note Of Traffic Flow

Pay attention to where the most popular areas of your garden are. If your kids and their friends spend the entire summer dipping in and out of the paddling pool, then this will create noticeable foot traffic. If your pool is located on the lawn, then naturally the grass underfoot will be affected, so where possible you may want to relocate popular activities like these to the yard or patio areas.

Lawn And Soil Care

When it comes to protecting your grass, you’ll need to start with the foundations. If you’re looking to replace your turf due to earlier damage, then it’s important to take the opportunity to enhance your top soil as well. If you invest in quality soil, then you’ll be almost guaranteed a luscious kid-proof lawn. Opt for sandy loam soil which provides excellent structure and boosts fertility. You should also commit to using Suregreen grass protection which reinforces the grass and allows your children to run, cycle, kick and skid across the lawn in all weathers without turning the grass to mud.

Going outside and playing in the garden is essential to the mental and physical wellbeing of our kids, but it doesn’t need to damage the aesthetic appeal of your external living space. Begin implementing these tips over the winter months so that your garden is fully prepared for 2018!



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