Christmas Gift Guide for Women

Christmas Gift Guide for Women

Buying gifts for your loved ones at Christmas can be tricky, especially when everyone is so picky! If your Christmas shopping list fills you with dread and you’re feeling the pressure to find the perfect gift, we’ve done the hard work for you and put together a list of gifts, suitable for your mother, sister, daughter, best friend, girlfriend, wife or colleague!


A luxury watch

If you’re looking to make a statement, why not treat the lady in your life to a luxury watch. A considerable purchase will show her you have taste and refinement, and a sense of fun and adventure! Luxury watches for women are becoming an increasingly popular Christmas gift, particularly from Luxe Watches where there are dozens of pre-owned luxury watches, available at a fraction of the original price. A watch should be in every woman’s jewellery box, whether it be something that gets worn daily or brought out on special occasions.

Tech gadgets

Techy gifts are amongst some of the best presents to buy this year, including the Amazon Alexa and the Google Home wireless smart speakers. These smart internet speakers are connected to a voice-controlled personal assistant service, which responds to verbal requests. Amazon Alexa for example has more than 15,000 skills, including controlling the lights at home, tell a bedtime story and play the best music!

An alarm clock may not seem an obvious choice for a luxurious present, but the Lumie Bodyclock Luxe 750D mimics the effects of real sunrises and sunsets, has 20 different sounds for waking up, a DAB radio and a USB port.

An experience day

She will be the envy of all her friends if you treat the lady in your life to an experience day, from spa treatments to overnight stays, theatre trips and posh dinners. There are a number of websites providing fantastic experience days at affordable prices, such as Virgin Experience Days and Red Letter Days. Experience days can be purchased as a couple treat too, if you’re hoping to spend some quality time together this Christmas.

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