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Month: November 2017

Let Your Product Packaging Do the Talking!

They always say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but
when the packaging of a product catches your eye it can be hard to leave it
behind. If you are looking to market a new make up product, you should enlist
the help of a print design essex service
to get your product off to the very best start.

These stunning beauty essentials are no different – and
they’ve all been shortlisted in this year’s Beauty Awards, too!

Eylure x Cheryl

Cheryl began her collaboration with Eyelure back in 2009 and
has since gone on to create a stand-alone collection which remains incredibly
popular in the beauty industry. The new Eyelure x Cheryl collection includes
beautiful, pristine imagery and the introduction of through categories to
reflect the weight of the lash style. The new lashes include: It’s A Date
(lighter), Desk to Dancefloor (medium) and You Shall Go To The Ball (full).

Feather & Down
Sweet Dreams Pillow Spray

The popular range of Feather & Down bath, body and home
fragrance products are dedicated to encouraging a restful night’s sleep through
regime and routine with a specially blended sleep fragrance. The beautiful
packaging reflects the ethos of peacefulness and tranquillity, with cartons,
bottles and labels in night-time blue shades, decorated with an evening
scenescape of stars and swirls, with a hand drawn feather a firm stamp of the
brand’s identity.

Missguided Babe Power

Missguided released a brand-new beauty range this year,
including Babe Power, a perfume scent design to evoke the feeling of strength,
confidence and femininity. The industry-first bottle is as captivating as the
scent within. The perfume comes in the form of a luxe, rose-gold chromecan with
a ring pull spray button and ‘press for good vibes’ slogan. The design captures
the essence of the brand and aims to be fun, different and bold.

Minnies Beauty

Essex-based store Minnies Beauty, set up by TOWIE’S Billie
and Sam Faiers
, have created a new beauty collection for women who
love their top-to-toe beauty – just as much as the clothes they wear! The
products are luxurious yet affordable, with fun, flirty and eye-catching
packaging to reflect the fun formulas within.

Is A Biomass Boiler Suitable for My Home?

For domestic heating purposes, biomass boilers are an
efficient way to generate heat around the home.

How biomass boilers

Biomass boilers
work by burning wood fuel such as wood pellets, wood chip or logs to create
heat. There is a storage area (hopper) where the wood fuel is kept, and a
boiler where the fuel is ignited. The wood fuel is automatically fed into the
boiler from the hopper and then ignited by an auto start. The temperature is
controlled via an electronic thermostat.

They can replace oil or gas boilers to heat water and
radiators or under floor heating. They burn logs, wood chips, wood pellets or
other forms of biomass. The most advanced biomass boilers are fully automatic
and can control the amount of fuel and air supplied to the combustion chamber.
Because of this, they are highly efficient, and the emissions are kept low.

The best wood fuel to

All wood fuels need more storage space than fossil fuels, and
there are three common types of fuels used which are logs, wood chips and wood
pellets. Wood chips and wood pellets can be used in automated systems and
stored in a hopper. Logs however must be fed into the boiler which makes them
more dependent on human input. If the wood isn’t seasoned or is too damp it
will not burn as well and will create smoke and tar.

Planning permission
for biomass boilers

Biomass heating systems are permitted developments, so long
as the flue doesn’t exceed the height of the roof by one metre or more. There
are also a number of restrictions in conservation areas, world heritage sites
and listed buildings, so check with local planning guides to ensure you can use

Things to consider

Biomass boilers require more space than conventional gas or oil fuelled boilers, and storage space will also need to be taken into consideration as damp fuel will not burn as efficiently. It’s also important to source reliable suppliers of fuel to make sure they are nearby so you don’t have to pay an extortionate amount for delivery.

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