The Names
You Should Be Looking Out For This Christmas

When it
comes to choosing a luxury watch, there are certain brands out there that just
stand apart from the rest of the field.

When you’re
watch shopping, it can be easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of brands
out there. That’s probably why we find ourselves returning to the names we know
and trust – and none more so than when we’re Christmas shopping. You just know
that you’re going to get a quality watch for your money, and when you’re going
to be giving it as a gift at such a special time of year that needs to be
something that you can count on. So which watch brands continued to set
themselves apart from their rivals in 2017? Here are the five names that you need
to remember when Christmas shopping.


Philippe is a name that any watch connoisseur will recognise. This Swiss brand
is one of the most popular names to come out of the country. It’s considered by
many experts to be the best watch brand in the world, and when you’re checking
out Patek watches for sale you’ll see why.
With timelessly stylish pieces like the Nautilus sports watch and the
incredible engineering behind their Chronograph watches, this is a brand that
delivers on all fronts.


Rolex is a name that everyone recognises, whether they
own a luxury watch or not. Over the years it’s become a byword for luxury, and
a Rolex really is a status symbol. Whether you opt for the stylish Cosmograph
Daytona or one of the brands many other lines, you can be sure that your watch
will last for years. Thanks to their durable, waterproof Oyster casing, they’re
suitable for a variety of lifestyles too.


If you want
a watch that gives you the best of both worlds, then opt for a Panerai. This
brand combines the effortless elegance of Italian design with the reliable
precision of Swiss engineering. While they may not be as well known here in the
UK as some other brands, they have a rich heritage and are one of the leading
watch brands in Italy – and no one does style quite like the Italians, right?


If you know
someone who loves the James Bond films, then an Omega watch would be the
perfect gift for them. The brand of choice for 007 for many years, these
watches are also a firm favourite of the British and American armed forces as
well as Prince William! So an Omega watch will certainly put its wearer in very
esteemed company. The Speedmaster is one of their most popular models.


Last but
not least is Jaeger LeCoultre. This brand is famous for its attention to
detail, with watch faces that are intricately decorated and movements and
complications that are as groundbreaking as they are reliable. The Queen
herself has been known to favour Jaeger LeCoultre watches, and if that’s not a
great endorsement, we don’t know what is. One of these timepieces will
certainly make someone in your life feel like royalty.

Shopping for your watch

When you are shopping for a luxury watch, it’s important to do so with the right retailer. Luxe Watches have a great selection of luxury timepieces, and their honest, dedicated customer service and 24 month warranty period means that you can trust them completely. So why not get your Christmas shopping started today with a watch made by one of the five best brands in the world?