Revitalising your workplace doesn’t have to be complicated
or expensive. Commercial decorating Ipswich
can make small changes to the workplace to dramatically
improve the office environment!

Bring nature into the

With so much time spent inside, sitting at a desk and
staring at a computer screen, it’s important to take steps to help employees
feel connected to the outside world. If you don’t have the space or budget to
completely renovate the space, there are cheaper ways to bring nature into the space.

Try rearranging the office space to try and capitalise the
natural light from windows and doorways to create a lighter and brighter
environment. Potted, leafy green plants can also improve indoor air quality and
reduce noise levels.

Try different

Textile products, like mats and cushions, offer an
affordable and effective way to change the feel of the space. They can create a
relaxed, ‘dressed-down’ look whilst adding an extra layer of comfort to seating
areas and empty spaces.

New colour scheme

A simple coat of paint can transform an environment and
completely reinvent the space. There are a couple of things to consider however
if you want to redecorate the entire office or a feature wall. It’s important for
any new colours to stay consistent with the branding and different colours can
create different moods. Painting a room in a deep shade of crimson can create a
very different feeling to light blue – so it’s important to consider the colour

Replace the flooring

Changing the floor design can work wonders for
reinvigorating your office! There are an infinite number of colours and designs
to choose from, some of which can be easily installed in a tile-like design
that can be lifted and re-laid multiple times. This allows you to create an
innovative design to change the look and feel of the space.

Invest in furniture

There’s more to revitalising a workplace than just changing
its aesthetic. By investing in new furniture, you can transform the workplace and
change how employees and visitors interact with the environment.

Sit-to-stand desks
and cushioned-backed carpet allow employees to work comfortably whether seated
or standing, which encourages greater freedom of movement.