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Month: October 2017

4 Ways to Make Your Office Look Professional

Whether at a big corporate office or small local firm, our
offices have a way of becoming the catch-all areas of our busy lives.

If you want to add a little style to your workplace, here
are 5 ways to make your office look professional.

Spruce up the meeting

The meeting room is one of the most important rooms in an
office; it’s where all the sales are sealed after all! Why not spruce up your
meeting room with some new glass doors to create a professional entrance and as
a way to help let day natural daylight into the room, if you’re fortunate
enough to have an office that backs out onto an open field! Sliding
door installers London
are on hand to fit and install stylish glass
sliding doors, that allow you to open up the room and create a professional,
relaxing atmosphere.

Add a few surprises

An office should reflect personality, so why not mix in some
vintage touches, an antique or something handmade? Well thought out pieces can
blend in well with current office décor, and can take the space out of the dull
and boring into something fun and vibrant, communicating who you are and what
you love.

Live in colour

Aren’t we all tired of beige office walls and grey tiled
carpet? There’s no rule that dictates your workspace can’t be colourful. Mix in
vibrant colours such as greens, oranges, yellows or blues – whether it be through
decoration or accessories; be sure to keep colours complementary to avoid any
colour overload!

Chalk it up

We’ve all seen chalkboard spray paint used in kitchens and kids’ rooms, so why not introduce it into the office? A chalkboard is a quick way to take notes whilst you’re on the phone, plus it’s more stylish than a startlingly white whiteboard or post-it notes!

What Is a Topographical Survey?

Topography is the study of shapes, features and contours of
physical bodies. The results of topographical surveys
can be shown through a range of different designs.

These designs can be a simple hand-drawn map illustrating
landmarks and local features, or in the form of a sophisticated 3D-map showing
elevations, measurements and physical features.

What a topographical
survey can provide

The survey provides an in-depth analysis of a specific area
of land, usually in two or three dimensions. The survey records various points
of interest that are sitting above and below the earth’s surface. The features
recorded will be decided by the client, this can include naturally occurring
physical features such as streams and trees, mad-made features such as paths
and cables or built environment features, including walls and manhole covers.

The level of detail in a topographical survey differs from
project to project because each client has different requirements.

The finished topographical survey, produced in either a
digital or paper format, is then used in the planning stages of a building or
infrastructure project. Having the survey to hand is an important way for
architects and engineers to review the site before starting work. Having this
common knowledge before starting a project helps to avoid costly setbacks and
delays down the line.

Employ the right
surveyor to help your project

It’s important to employer a surveyor who understands the
need of a particular project, as they will be able to identify and suggest
certain features that a client may have overlooked at first.

Whatever the size or scope of the project, and however big
or small your budget is, it’s important for the client to understand the
purpose of the survey before engaging the services of a surveyor.  Doing this will help a land surveyor map
precise features and keep
costs to a minimum

Top Five Luxury Watch Brands

The Names
You Should Be Looking Out For This Christmas

When it
comes to choosing a luxury watch, there are certain brands out there that just
stand apart from the rest of the field.

When you’re
watch shopping, it can be easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of brands
out there. That’s probably why we find ourselves returning to the names we know
and trust – and none more so than when we’re Christmas shopping. You just know
that you’re going to get a quality watch for your money, and when you’re going
to be giving it as a gift at such a special time of year that needs to be
something that you can count on. So which watch brands continued to set
themselves apart from their rivals in 2017? Here are the five names that you need
to remember when Christmas shopping.


Philippe is a name that any watch connoisseur will recognise. This Swiss brand
is one of the most popular names to come out of the country. It’s considered by
many experts to be the best watch brand in the world, and when you’re checking
out Patek watches for sale you’ll see why.
With timelessly stylish pieces like the Nautilus sports watch and the
incredible engineering behind their Chronograph watches, this is a brand that
delivers on all fronts.


Rolex is a name that everyone recognises, whether they
own a luxury watch or not. Over the years it’s become a byword for luxury, and
a Rolex really is a status symbol. Whether you opt for the stylish Cosmograph
Daytona or one of the brands many other lines, you can be sure that your watch
will last for years. Thanks to their durable, waterproof Oyster casing, they’re
suitable for a variety of lifestyles too.


If you want
a watch that gives you the best of both worlds, then opt for a Panerai. This
brand combines the effortless elegance of Italian design with the reliable
precision of Swiss engineering. While they may not be as well known here in the
UK as some other brands, they have a rich heritage and are one of the leading
watch brands in Italy – and no one does style quite like the Italians, right?


If you know
someone who loves the James Bond films, then an Omega watch would be the
perfect gift for them. The brand of choice for 007 for many years, these
watches are also a firm favourite of the British and American armed forces as
well as Prince William! So an Omega watch will certainly put its wearer in very
esteemed company. The Speedmaster is one of their most popular models.


Last but
not least is Jaeger LeCoultre. This brand is famous for its attention to
detail, with watch faces that are intricately decorated and movements and
complications that are as groundbreaking as they are reliable. The Queen
herself has been known to favour Jaeger LeCoultre watches, and if that’s not a
great endorsement, we don’t know what is. One of these timepieces will
certainly make someone in your life feel like royalty.

Shopping for your watch

When you are shopping for a luxury watch, it’s important to do so with the right retailer. Luxe Watches have a great selection of luxury timepieces, and their honest, dedicated customer service and 24 month warranty period means that you can trust them completely. So why not get your Christmas shopping started today with a watch made by one of the five best brands in the world?

Hire Holiday Event Models

How They’ll
Make Your Party Extra Special

events are far from your average parties, and inviting some gorgeous models
will reflect that.

holidays seem like they’re a long way away, but before you know it the festive season
will be here. That’s why it’s so important to start planning your destination
party as soon as possible. You could be getting into the Christmas spirit,
throwing a party for work colleagues to celebrate another successful year or
putting on an epic NYE bash. To put it simply, there’s bound
to be something worth letting your hair down and heading off somewhere special
for! One guaranteed way of taking things to another level is to hire a model for holiday parties. These
gorgeous girls are the perfect guests, and will really add some sparkle to

Their roles

models can fulfil a wide variety of roles at your holiday party. Some of the
most common responsibilities an image model has at a party is to greet guests
at the door, take coats and other belongings, direct them to where they need to
go, and serve food and drinks. They do this with a charm that’s all their own,
instantly putting guests at ease. However, some image models have additional
talents that they can bring to a party as well. Some can perform as showgirls
and singers, while others can take charge of a poker or roulette table. If you
have something particular in mind, just enquire with the agency.

the ice

One of the
things image models are best at doing is breaking the ice. If you’re throwing a
party and not all of the guests know each other, it’s all too easy for awkwardness
to set in. Not with some world class image models though! They’re great at
small talk, confident, quick-witted, and they will be able to bring guests
together effortlessly. Of course, they’re easy on the eye too, which will draw
guests to them even more. Whether they’re chatting with guests by the bar or
enjoying a dance with them, they’ll be helping to create that all-important

Suited to a
range of events

models are suited to both corporate and private events, and have plenty of experience
of both. You could be throwing a party for your business contacts at a hotel or
just welcoming a few close friends and family to a location that’s really
special to you. While they adapt their approaches to different kinds of event,
their key goal is always going to be making sure everyone is having a great
time. That’s something that doesn’t ever change.

Hire from a top agency

When hiring some image models for your holiday party this winter, work with a trusted agency to bring your vision to life. They’ll be able to recommended girls based on the kind of party you’re looking to throw, and you can be sure that you’ll be getting the best models in the business. Image models at the best agencies are carefully vetted and selected, and have years of experience and catwalk worthy looks. So what are you waiting for? Some gorgeous image models will transform your holiday party from a good one to a great one!

Give Your Workplace a Makeover This Christmas

Revitalising your workplace doesn’t have to be complicated
or expensive. Commercial decorating Ipswich
can make small changes to the workplace to dramatically
improve the office environment!

Bring nature into the

With so much time spent inside, sitting at a desk and
staring at a computer screen, it’s important to take steps to help employees
feel connected to the outside world. If you don’t have the space or budget to
completely renovate the space, there are cheaper ways to bring nature into the space.

Try rearranging the office space to try and capitalise the
natural light from windows and doorways to create a lighter and brighter
environment. Potted, leafy green plants can also improve indoor air quality and
reduce noise levels.

Try different

Textile products, like mats and cushions, offer an
affordable and effective way to change the feel of the space. They can create a
relaxed, ‘dressed-down’ look whilst adding an extra layer of comfort to seating
areas and empty spaces.

New colour scheme

A simple coat of paint can transform an environment and
completely reinvent the space. There are a couple of things to consider however
if you want to redecorate the entire office or a feature wall. It’s important for
any new colours to stay consistent with the branding and different colours can
create different moods. Painting a room in a deep shade of crimson can create a
very different feeling to light blue – so it’s important to consider the colour

Replace the flooring

Changing the floor design can work wonders for
reinvigorating your office! There are an infinite number of colours and designs
to choose from, some of which can be easily installed in a tile-like design
that can be lifted and re-laid multiple times. This allows you to create an
innovative design to change the look and feel of the space.

Invest in furniture

There’s more to revitalising a workplace than just changing
its aesthetic. By investing in new furniture, you can transform the workplace and
change how employees and visitors interact with the environment.

Sit-to-stand desks
and cushioned-backed carpet allow employees to work comfortably whether seated
or standing, which encourages greater freedom of movement.

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