How to Prevent and Treat Carpet Damage

Luxury rugs are a timeless interior
design classic, and elevate the look of any room. So it’s important that you
keep them in good condition.

A rug can instantly transform the look
of a room, turning it into a sumptuous, luxurious haven. So if you’ve got
luxury rugs in your home, you’ll understand the importance of keeping them
looking great. If you find that keeping your rugs in top condition is an uphill
struggle, don’t despair. By doing your best to protect them from any further
damage and calling in the professionals to carry out a rug restoration if needed, you can keep them looking as
opulent and immaculate as when you first bought them. This will allow you and
your family to enjoy them for years to come.

Keep hold of the paperwork

If possible, make sure that you keep all
documents from when you bought your rug. What seem like unimportant pieces of
paper can actually hold a lot of valuable information about the rug. Things
like how to clean it, its age, origin and what it’s made of will be included.
Not only will it really help you out to have that information handy, but it
will be useful for a carpet restoration expert too.

Rotate your rugs

Rugs must stand up to a lot of use, so
make things a little bit easier on them by rotating them every so often. If
you’ve got a pet that loves to play with one corner of the rug, or the foot
traffic in the room is concentrated on one side, your rug will soon show signs
of wear in one area, giving it a patchy, uneven appearance. So, when you’re
hoovering, make a habit of turning your rug around.

Protect them from sunlight

Sunlight can cause a lot of damage to a
rug – and it’s often irreversible. If you have your rug in a conservatory or
any other room that lets in a lot of light, consider drawing the curtains or
pulling the blinds down when you’re not using the room to minimise any fading
and premature ageing. Ideally, just don’t keep your rug in any direct sunlight
if you can, as that’s the only way that you’ll definitely be able to prevent
any sun damage.

Call in an expert to restore them

If your rugs have been a little
neglected up until now, then help is at hand. If you hire a professional carpet
cleaner and restorer, they’ll be able to transform your rugs. With a keen eye
for detail, they’ll be able to identify even the tiniest areas of damage and
take action on them.

Different kinds of luxury rugs require
different cleaning materials, and you can count on your rug restoration
expert’s knowledge and experience to help them identify which one is
appropriate. So whether you own a Chinese, Persian or any other kind of luxury
rug, it’ll be in safe hands. Remember, by using a carpet or fabric protector on
your rug after you’ve had it restored, you’ll be able to prevent it from any
extra damage. That could be anything from to spillages to muddy paw prints.

A little care goes a long way

A luxury rug shouldn’t have to be hidden away – it should be there to create interest in a room and for everyone to enjoy. By following our straightforward advice, you’ll be able to maintain its sumptuous appearance for a long time to come. So if yours need a little TLC, get the ball rolling today and give them the treatment that they deserve. You certainly won’t regret it when you see the results!