How to Give Your Child a
Party to Remember

Whether it is crisps in the
back garden or canapés at the Dorchester, every parent is faced with organising
a party sooner or later. Here are some tips for survival.

Contemplating a
troupe of over-excited children descending on you for even a couple of hours is
enough to put most of us into a cold sweat. Yet the child’s birthday party is
an event that every parent has to contend with sooner or later.

From sausages on
sticks to bouncy castle hire, there is so much to think
about that it can be hard to know where to start. Here is a short survival
guide to help ensure your child’s party is one to remember.

Planning is key

As with most
things, everything will be much more smooth and stress-free with advance
planning. Decide on venue, attendees and entertainers/equipment hire as early
as possible, get the bookings made and the invites out.

Try to keep the
guest list to a manageable level, particularly if the party is at your home.
10-15 children is ideal – anything more can start to get out of hand! Make sure
the invites are RSVP, and follow up on anyone who does not answer, so you have
a clear idea of how many are coming.

Unless you are
intent on making it a surprise, it can be a good idea to involve your child in
the planning process and let them help to choose exactly what they want.

Have a theme

What are your
child’s likes and interests? If your child is helping plan the party, then
simply ask them.

Themes such as
princesses, pirates and Hawaiian are always popular, or something related to a
popular film or TV show such as Ice Age or Spongebob is guaranteed to be a

Clear the decks

If you are
holding the party at home, then the last thing you need is to be worrying about
valuable ornaments being broken, or mucky hand prints on your brand new sofa.
So tidy away all breakables and if you can’t move it, cover it!

Invite the

You have enough
on your plate organising the party, without finding yourself the sole adult in
charge of more than a dozen unruly children. Make it clear that the child’s
parent or parents are welcome, and have suitable refreshments on hand for them

Old fashioned fun

Don’t be afraid
to indulge in the games you remember from your own childhood. You probably have
fond memories of playing pass-the-parcel, musical statues and so on, and that
is because they are great, timeless games that kids of every generation will

Leave the sweets
for the party bags

No kids’ party is
complete without the obligatory party bag, and that is the best place to keep
the sugary sweets. Try to keep to healthy food and drink during the party
itself – they will be excited enough, so if they are going to be on a sugar
high too, that can wait till they get home!

Enjoy yourself

Finally, and most
importantly, remember the golden rule – it’s a party, so enjoy yourself! These
are the events from which lasting memories are made, and when the kids see the
adults getting stuck in to the fun, then any shyness or reserve will soon
evaporate, and the time will fly by.