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Easy Ways To Revamp Your Caravan

Add Cosmetic Appeal To Your Static Home

Is your caravan décor looking a little tired and dated? Follow these tips to provide a fresh facelift.

If you’re hoping to spend a little more time in your caravan this coming season, then you’ll want to be sure that it’s looking top-notch for your staycation. If your static home was pre-styled before you moved in, especially if you bought second-hand, then make sure that you have the opportunity to add your own personality to your home. The great news is that it’s really easy to modernise your caravan with these simple touches.

Updating Your Kitchen

Depending on the age of your caravan, your kitchen may be beginning to look a little tired. You may wish to entirely overhaul your kitchen by ripping it all out and starting again. This is a great solution if you’re planning to remain in your static home for years to come. As a more affordable alternative, you can make some simple cosmetic updates such as installing new countertops and cupboard doors whilst leaving the carcasses intact. This will cost you a fraction of the price of a new kitchen, and will add plenty of cosmetic appeal. If you’re hoping to market your home on a sell my static caravan site, then a kitchen upgrade will also add value to your resell price.

Add Custom-Made Blinds

Tired of the net-curtain-twitching look to your static caravan? Curtains in a caravan can look incredibly dated, especially if they come with a patterned or floral print. Provide your caravan with a more contemporary image by switching to blinds instead. These needn’t be expensive, you can simply purchase some made-to-measure options online and then fit them into place with ease.

Replace Your Flooring

Is your current caravan flooring looking a little worn? In older static homes, this is one of the first things that starts to look dated. If you’ve got carpeted flooring, it’s relatively simple to switch these out for some more modern laminate or vinyl floor tile options. Remember that the cost of replacing flooring is dependent on the square footage required, so with the average size of a static home, this shouldn’t be an expensive project.

Insulate The Exterior

Caravans can take a bit of a beating during the winter season and after several years of visiting your static home, you’ll start to notice the difference in its aesthetic appeal as you approach each time. By covering your caravan in vinyl cladding, you can protect against the elements whilst also providing extra insulation for your home. If you’ve noticed any draughts appearing, then this will also help enormously.

Retiling Your Bathroom

You don’t need an entirely new bathroom suite to provide a facelift. Instead of the expense of a new installation, you’ll be amazed at the difference that a simple tiling project can make. Combine fresh new tiles with a lick of paint and it’ll feel like an entirely different bathroom.

Now you have an idea of which areas of your caravan to target, you’ll be wondering when to tackle them. You can either carry out these maintenance tasks over a few weekends before your official visit, and really enjoy spending time in your glam new home. Alternatively, you can make your next trip a working holiday, and take your time getting the jobs done whilst relaxing plenty inbetween.

How Can Your Business Benefit From Using Power Apps?

Create Business Solutions At Speed

Top benefits of using Microsoft Power Apps for your next business apps development cycle.

Power Apps provide a fantastic route into the creation of business solution apps for your company. Microsoft has provided the Power Apps interface to be used by professionals, as a way to speed up their development cycles. However, the tool can also be used by inexperienced developers as very little coding is required to create a high-functioning app. Power Apps will enhance the productivity of your workflow by offering a wealth of benefits.


Top of the list is the speed at which your business apps can be created using Power Apps. Microsoft has designed the software with agile deployment in mind, meaning that you can launch your apps promptly and ensure that they constantly evolve by adding value with each update. Drag and drop features simplify the complex processes required to develop an app – this enables you to quickly build user interfaces or create links from form fields to code for example. These drag and drop elements allow you to rapidly produce a prototype for your app, often making changes on the spot whilst responding to requests from your sales team. This makes the Power Apps tool a truly streamlined and collaborative business solution.

Mobile Ready

Producing an interface that is compatible with your laptop or desktop is one thing, but what about when your teams are out on the road? That same app will need to fit well within the screen of your mobile and offer the same benefits from all remote devices and connections. Power Apps provide simple interface and common connectors which are incredibly easy to use. These ensure that your app uses the same data to create both an impressive desktop version as well as a mobile friendly version, making your app useful for all of your team members and in any environment.

Using Data

Useful data is at the heart of any successful app development, and Power Apps is no exception. Microsoft includes automated features within the software, allowing AI to provide powerful insights for users to leverage. By just pointing and clicking, your app will return business intelligence which will enhance productivity for your organisation. Need to extract data from the app? Not a problem when you can integrate Power Apps with Office 365, Microsoft Flow or Microsoft BI.

Role-Based Security

Security isn’t compromised when you empower your team members to work with Power Apps. By taking advantage of role-based security for sharing purposes, this enables you to assign user privileges to the types of actions that may be performed within an app. Each person who uses the app will be set up with predefined or custom roles. This allows you to limit the way in which certain team members can interact with the app depending on their job role, or whether they’re accessing the app remotely. Compliance regulations are easy to achieve when you rely on Microsoft Power Apps for your business tool development.

If you’re looking for an affordable, convenient and super speedy way to launch an app to enhance productivity within your organisation, then Power Apps is the way to go. If you already have an Office 365 licence, then it’s straightforward to add Power Apps to your stack – why not get started today?

Why Now Is The Perfect Time to Invest in Resource Management Software

How it Can Help You to Re-Launch Your Business

Resource management software is becoming more and more popular with businesses all over the UK right now. Here’s why.

Now many not seem like the natural time to make changes to your business, but some small investments here and there will really help you to succeed in the approaching months. Here’s why resource manager software is so important in these unprecedented times.

The economy is slowly re-starting

The lockdown measures the Government imposed in March were largely successful in halting the spread of COVID-19 across the UK. However, even now as they are being eased there’s a lot of adjusting for businesses to do in order to recover and grow. One way you can do so is by investing in resource management software. Here’s why it’s so useful:

Furloughed staff

If a member of your resource management team has been furloughed, then you can’t ask them to come in and work. As you start to resume some of your normal operations, this can leave you with a dilemma. You aren’t yet in a position where you can pay their wages, but your resource management is suffering. That’s where software comes in. It’s easy to run, so anyone can use it. It’s also a lot cheaper than someone’s wages.

Perfect for smaller teams

These have been incredibly trying times for businesses, and many company owners have found themselves having to make tough decisions and let members of staff go. Even if you are able to keep everyone on, you may not be able to have them all in the office at the same time. Resource management software doesn’t need many staff to operate it, so you can run efficiently with less manpower.

Keep your new projects running smoothly

If your business is beginning to ramp up operations again, then you will have projects that you need to take care of. At such a crucial time for your business, you don’t want to make any unnecessary errors. Investing in great resource management software largely eliminates human error, and will give you all the information that you need to deliver projects on time, every time.

Helps to rebuild confidence

If people have been out of the office for quite some time, it’s only natural that their confidence will have taken a bit of knock. Having software that they can count on will do wonders for their self esteem and performance in their role. They’ll be able to meet deadlines and deal with any unexpected issues so much quicker, making them feel in control once again.

Find a great provider

If you are going to invest in resource management software, then it’s important that you work with a great provider. Innate Management have been the resource management software provider of choice for a large number of UK businesses for some time now. Their software is easy to run and operate, and you will be given all the support you need as you get to grips with it.

What are you waiting for?

Now that you can see just how much of a difference resource manager software makes in a variety of circumstances, why not see if it could be the perfect fir for you and your company? Now you know where to find the very best the UK has to offer, there’s no excuse.

Is There Still a Place For Team Building in a Post-Coronavirus Workplace?

How It Can Continue to Help Your Business

Team building can still be a part of your company culture – you just need to do it a little differently, is all.

The COVID-19 outbreak has dramatically changed how we work, and activities we used to take part in just aren’t possible anymore. However, remote team building can still play a part in your company’s path to success.

Working from home

In terms of how we work, the difference between now and the start of the year is stark. Gone are the days of freely socialising with your colleagues, or even sitting down for a cup of tea together on your break. Work has become much less social, thanks to the physical distance that needs to be kept and the fact that so many people are now working from home. It’s easy to assume that team building has become redundant now – but that isn’t the case.

Remote team building

During the rush to set up remote working and adjusting to a new way of life, team building didn’t really sit high on many people’s list of priorities. However, for some companies. It’s been part of their ethos ever since their team members began to work from home. Remote team building (aka an event carried out over a video conferencing platform) has become hugely popular, and it can be just as effective as an event carried out in person.

Making the new normal sustainable

Home working needs to be sustainable, and for that you need to maintain strong relationships between all members of staff. Just because they aren’t all working as physically close as they used to doesn’t mean that they can’t continue to connect. Remote team building allows your team members to work together, flex their creative muscles, and see how easy it can be for them to collaborate with their colleagues while they work from home.

Reaffirming your company values

Remote team building also gives you the chance to reaffirm your company’s values. It can be easy to lose sight of these while working at home, and it standards can slip. Nipping this in the bud as soon as you notice it will help you to deliver the same great products or services. People don’t realise just how effective team building can be for this, but you really will be amazed at just how much of a difference it can make. It’s so much more than just a little bit of fun!

Find a great provider

If you want to get the most out of remote team building, then it’s important to find the best specialists in the field. Zing Events have developed a range of really exciting, immersive events that can be held remotely. If you have never taken part in an event like this before, there is no need to worry. You’ll be given the guidance and support that you need, and the software used to hold the event is safe and secure for you to use.

What are you waiting for?

It’s clear to see that team building does still have a place in the post coronavirus workplace. Yes, it may look and feel a little different, but it still makes a really positive impact. If you haven’t organised a remote team building event yet, you know what to do next!

Bald Men More At Risk of Severe Coronavirus Symptoms

High Androgen Levels Increase Threat of Covid

Bald men are more likely to experience strong coronavirus symptoms following diagnosis. Learn why this is and what can be done.

New evidence suggests that bald men may have a higher risk of developing severe coronavirus symptoms. Male pattern baldness is a common condition which can begin at any age. Typically, it takes men 15-20 years to lose all of their hair completely, with about two thirds of men either bald or experiencing a balding pattern by the age of 60. Real hair wigs can be worn by both men and women who suffer from balding, and some will also use drug treatments to combat the condition. However, the risk of developing severe Covid-19 symptoms is not something that can be overcome as easily.

The Gabrin Sign

Dr Frank Gabrin, who was bald, was the first US physician to die of Covid-19. The research between baldness and Covid-19 is thought to be so significant, that the risk factor is now known as the ‘Gabrin sign’. In the UK, Public Health England have revealed that men who are of working age, are more than twice as likely to die in comparison to women, if they are diagnosed with Covid-19.

Male Sex Hormones

Scientists have been scrabbling to determine exactly why men are more at risk, and have previously cited lifestyle and smoking habits as well as immune system differences between the sexes. However, the latest research suggests that androgens, or male sex hormones, could have a large part to play in the severity of symptoms. Whereas large quantities of androgens can be responsible for the loss of hair, they also seem to be linked to the capacity of Covid-19 in attacking the cells. The good news here is androgens can be suppressed, as they are in both hair loss therapy as well as in treating conditions such as prostate cancer.

Research Trials

Professor Wambier of Brown University has been carrying out small research studies in Spain to prove that an unusually high number of bald men were admitted to hospital after testing positive for Covid-19. Across three hospitals in Madrid, 79% of Covid patients were bald. To compare, a study of similarly aged, but healthy men to those found in the hospital found that only around 31-53% were bald. A similar trend could be found when looking at female pattern baldness and coronavirus hospital admission rates.

Treatment Options

An Italian piece of research which examined the prospects of 9,280 prostate cancer patients, also found that those using androgen-deprivation therapy were significantly less likely to contract coronavirus in comparison to those who were using other treatments. By using drugs which reduce their testosterone levels, cells are protected from the effect of Covid-19. To cause the infection, coronaviruses rely on a spike protein which attaches to the cell’s membrane – this is then activated by an enzyme which is thought to be TMPRSS2. Scientists are now tasked with exploring whether the enzyme reacts similarly in the lungs, where the coronavirus thrives, as it does in the prostate. A variety of clinical studies are now being started to investigate the possible treatment options.

Preparing Your Business For Life After Lockdown

Everything You Need to Know

Whether your business is big or small, you’re going to have to make some adjustments for life after lockdown.

Times have never been tougher for businesses in the UK thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and businesses in some sectors are being given the green light to open up again. If you are feeling worried about resuming operations after lockdown, then read on for some invaluable tips that will see you through those challenging days that lie ahead.

Businesses are reopening

As the UK gets on top of the coronavirus, many businesses will begin to reopen. Just recently we have seen lots of fast food outlets open their doors again, albeit offering a limited service. Garden centres and construction sites have begun to operate again, all well as businesses in a number of other sectors. So places are slowly starting to offer their products and services again – but while having to work around a number of obstacles.

Invest in resource management

If you don’t already have an effective resource management strategy in place, now is the time to address that. Keeping on top of your resources, whether they are human or otherwise, will allow you to effectively work to deadlines, keep on top of costs, and make sure that all of your projects are equipped to run smoothly. Innate Management are the providers of the resource management software many UK businesses trust, and could be the perfect fit for your business.

Health and safety

Before you open for business again, it’s important to think about your health and safety measures. Even companies with the strictest regulations will have to make adjustments in the time of COVID-19, so you’re certainly not alone. You’ll need to see how you can implement social distancing in your workplace, and your hygiene practices will need to be overhauled too. Have these plans in place early on, so you’re ready to reopen when you can.

Keep an open mind

It’s really important to be open minded right now. The future has never felt more uncertain, and it’s impossible what’s going to happen in the months, weeks, and even days ahead. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself or the members of your team, and really plan effectively for any eventuality. Your resource management software will help you to do this – and remember that there is help from the UK government for businesses too.

Connect with your staff

Last but not least, don’t forget to check in with your staff. Everyone is feeling a little anxious and afraid of what the future holds right now, so do take the time to ask your colleagues how they are feeling. It may not be possible to get together for after-work drinks or even share a hug right now, but just lending a friendly ear and offering your staff a greater deal of flexibility in their roles will make the world of difference in these trying times.

Get ahead and start planning today

As you can see, there are a number of ways you can make opening up for business after lockdown a much smoother process. Whether it’s with digital tools such as resource management software or with some rearranging of your work space, there’s so many possibilities. So why not start planning today?

The Benefits of Downsizing As You Age

Is Your Current Home Too Much To Handle?

If you’re undecided about leaving the family home behind in favour of a smaller residence, this guide will help you understand the benefits of downsizing.

Do you feel overwhelmed by the prospect of leaving the family home behind and opting for a smaller abode as you find yourself growing older? It’s only natural to feel an emotional bond with your property, particularly if you’ve lived predominantly in one place for much of your adult life. Having spent years raising your children and watching them flee the nest, you may harbour dreams of welcoming grandchildren into the fold here as well. So with all the cherished memories which are tied up in the family home, why do so many retirees choose to leave them behind in favour of downsizing. In fact, there are many benefits, of which these are just a few!

Moving Closer To Family

If your family has moved a distance away and you’d rather be nearer to them, downsizing is a great opportunity to relocate a little closer and switch to accommodation that might be more suitable for you as you age. Sunrise Lodges explains that mobile residential accommodation is affordable and can be winterised so that it’s comfortable to live in year-round. You might even choose for your accommodation to be built as an annex on the site of your extended family’s home which would allow you to receive support from them as the years go by.

Raising Equity

It may be several years since you paid your mortgage off, and if you’re lucky enough to have a lot of equity tied up in your property, you might want to take advantage of it at this point in your life. By downsizing, you could release this cash to spend on the trip of a lifetime, a new car, or else to help your children and grandchildren out with their own mortgage commitments.

Save Money on Bills

By moving to smaller accommodation, you can enjoy a significant reduction in bills including a lower council rate band, minimal heating bills and a more energy efficient home. If you’ve previously lived in a large period-style property, you may have become accustomed to the draughtiness of your home and the associated maintenance costs of repairing old boilers and insulation. When downsizing to a more compact residence, you’ll be amazed at how much you can save in comparison to your previous address.


Age UK reports that 40% of people aged over 60 years old, are affected by Limitations on Activities of Daily Living (LADL). This increases to 75% of those aged over 80. Conditions such as arthritis can limit your mobility and make it difficult to navigate your home safely, particularly if stairs are involved. Downsizing is a great chance to move to accommodation which is single-level. There are over 6.5million UK retirees competing for around 2million bungalows across the nation, but lodge accommodation is also a fantastic option which costs a fraction of the price. You can be assured of a more accessible residence which is easy to move around safely and you’ll have much less housework to tackle too.

Downsizing can be a big decision but with so many benefits, it’s definitely worth exploring this as an option. Why not have a frank discussion with your family about the possibility of moving to smaller accommodation and then have a look at the style of properties that you might consider moving to?

Do You Need A Bite Guard?

Protect Your Teeth From The Effects of Grinding

Do you have bruxism? Teeth grinding can occur in the day or as you sleep, and you may need a bite guard to prevent damage.

Have you been told that you grind your teeth when you sleep? Even if you’re not aware of it, your partner may alert you to this or else your dentist will certainly be able to see the effects. Grinding your teeth is a condition that affects up to 10 million UK adults and is known as bruxism. Understand why this condition occurs and what you can do to alleviate the symptoms so as to reduce damage to your teeth.

Are You At Risk of Developing Bruxism?

Bruxism, or jaw grinding refers to clenching your teeth and jaws tightly together and then moving them backwards and forwards against each other. This has an abrasive effect on the enamel coating of your teeth which can disintegrate over time.

Certain people are more at risk of developing bruxism than others and surprisingly children and young people are thought to have a heightened likelihood of grinding their teeth due to the deep sleep they enter into.

In adults, those who experience high levels of stress or who suffer from anxiety may develop bruxism. Additionally, those who are on medication or have been consuming alcohol, caffeine or smoking cigarettes are more likely to grind their teeth.

Finally, if you have epilepsy or Parkinson’s Disease, ADHD or a sleep disorder, then these are all risk factors for bruxism too.

Bruxism During The Day

A professional Essex dentist explains that bruxism isn’t just a condition that people experience when they’re asleep though. It’s also possible to grind your teeth during the day, although you’re more likely to be conscious of the habit and take measures to stop yourself doing so. If you feel stressed or anxious, then it can be a good idea to practice positive relaxation including activities such as mindfulness, listening to gentle music, taking a bubble bath or getting out in nature by going for a walk.

Using A Mouth Guard

If your dentist picks up on your bruxism, they may request that you’re fitted for a mouth guard to wear at night whilst you sleep. This can prevent you from grinding your teeth as well as alleviating any damage that occurs if you do. Your mouth guard can prevent you from experiencing headaches that occur due to grinding your teeth, and should also reduce any pain associated with temporomandibular joint syndrome, or TJS that is caused by bruxism. If you wake up in the morning with an uncomfortable bite or a jaw that feels as if it is ‘locked’, then these are all common signs of TJS.

Although off-the-shelf mouth guards are available, it’s far better to opt for a custom-made one which has been moulded to your set of teeth. Your dentist will take an impression of your teeth then create your guard out of mouldable plastic. You’ll have the opportunity to try it on so your dentist can ensure that it’s a perfect fit, and you’ll be provided with instructions about wearing your guard as well as learning how to take care of it.

Bruxism is an easy condition to prevent so long as you commit to your regular dental check-ups. If you haven’t been for a while, book a routine appointment today.

Best Home Upgrades You Can Make To Encourage A Sale

What Property Adjustments Should You Concentrate On?

Invest in these property renovation ideas for a quicker and more profitable sale.

A quarter of homes up for sale in 2019 are left on the market for more than 6 months. With political uncertainty stamping an effect on property prices, sellers need to do everything they can to win buyers around. If you need to achieve a certain price for your home, then it’s important that the property is up to scratch before you invite prospective buyers to take an interest. It’s usually best to carry out these works before officially going on the market, because any property that has obviously been marketed for a while starts to send out negative vibes to buyers that there may be something amiss.

Structural Issues

If you know that your property has problems that will show up in a survey, then it’s important not to waste your own time, or the buyers, and sort out these issues in advance of being under offer. For example, if a surveyor will find missing roof tiles, subsidence, damp or a leaking roof, then these are the types of problem that will stop a sale dead in its tracks. Although it’s annoying, and potentially expensive, these are issues that won’t go away and will be spotted. There’s little point in spending money on further works until the structural integrity of your home is assured.

Adding An Extra Bedroom

A fantastic way to add value to your home is to create room for an extra bedroom. This might be through adding in an extension, converting a loft or cellar, or simply removing a wall to improve the layout of your home and find a way to add more living accommodation. If you’re converting a loft to make space for an extra bedroom, you can add as much as £23k to the value of your home, whilst only spending around £500-600/m².

Room for a Driveway

Off-street parking is a huge selling point for buyers according to local Shenfield estate agents. If your property comes with a front garden that you never use, then consider giving this space up and changing it into a driveway. Most buyers are happier to have a smart, low-maintenance driveway that has room for 1-2 cars, instead of the chore of keeping a front garden looking neat year-round.

Extending Leaseholds

If your property is leasehold, then check how many years are left on the lease before you come to sell. This is one of the first questions that a potential buyer will want to know. Ideally, you’ll be able to offer a lease with more than 100 years left, but anything less than 60 years and the property will begin to lose significant value. Although it may be expensive to renew your lease, this is a step worth taking to encourage your sale to progress.

A Lick of Paint

By far the cheapest upgrade on the list, but a simple repaint of your interior in a neutral off-white colour will create a blank canvas so that potential buyers are able to visualise their own possessions within your home. A lick of paint and a declutter of your home gives it a fresh, minimalistic feel that seems to add more space and is easy on the eye!

When it comes to home upgrades, don’t rush into anything. Go around your property and make a note of everything that needs doing. Then have a frank discussion with your estate agents to check if your renovation ideas are worth carrying out.

The 5 Best Styles For Your European Hair Wig

Choosing The Right Cut For Your Face Shape

When selecting your wig, it’s important to go for a cut and style that complements your individual face shape.

If you’re looking to change up your image with a fabulous European hair wig, then you have a couple of choices. Either you can create a collection of different wig styles to suit your every mood, or you can have a single wig customised to your individual style specifications. Your choice of style may be inspired by the latest trends and celebrity icons but should also be influenced by your face shape and what will look great on you! Here are 5 styles to consider for your next wig.

Timeless Layers

If you’re looking for a classic style that will ensure longevity of your wig investment, then you can’t go wrong with a timeless layered look. A simple side parting, complete with layers will add softness to your face, especially if you choose a wig with a natural curl to it. This particularly suits those with a square face shape as the bounce in the curls helps to even out any straight features such as a prominent jawline.

Sleek Long Cut

If you have a round face with large cheeks, then this wig style is perfect for you. Instead of opting for short cuts that will highlight the shape of your face, choose a sleek, longer length style. You can even add a little height at the crown to accentuate the length further. If you’re looking for a little colour depth, then European hair wigs look great with some highlights added in.

Chin-Length Bob

Another classic style, the chin-length bob is perfectly suited to wig-wearers with a heart-shaped face. Whether straight or wavy, this length allows you to put the balance back, wherever it’s needed. For example, by adding weight in the nape area, you’ll detract from a narrow chin. Be careful though not to be too top-heavy at the crown, as this could elongate your chin more still.

The Lob

Can’t decide whether to stay long or go for a bob haircut? Then the lob is the perfect compromise and is incredibly versatile. Go for a poker-straight lob, or alternatively a wavy texture gives your wig that casual girl-next-door look which is rocking many a salon this year. Celebrity lob-wearers are Elizabeth Moss, Rose Byrne and Emily Blunt, but the great thing about the lob is that it suits all face shapes and is a flattering style at any age.

The Ponytail

Who says that wigs have to be worn down? So long as your European hair wig is of a light-weight density, then there’s nothing to stop you sweeping your hair up. Not only does this style look smart and youthful, it’s also ideal to keep you cool during hotter days. One style of ponytail that works really well with wigs is a romantic side ponytail, as it’s not too tight and can be swept gently below the ear.

European hair wigs can be styled using electrical equipment such as tongs, rollers and straighteners, but always follow guidance from your wig manufacturer to ensure you care for your investment so you can enjoy it for years to come.

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